How To Reduce Construction Costs in Kenya

Constructing a residential building requires a considerable heavy investment in terms of money. Many people use their lifetime income or savings while others go to the extent of getting loans just to fulfill their dreams of owning a house. It is for this reason that many homeowners strive to reduce construction costs but at the same time want to achieve quality. In this guide, we have outlined some expert tips to reduce construction costs in Kenya while building. 

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Tips on reducing construction costs in Kenya.

  • Do not make changes once the construction starts

One of the major reasons that contribute to the increase in construction costs is making changes to the already approved plan. Unless it is necessary, avoid changing the plans once the construction begins.

  • Selecting land  

The construction process starts with the selection of land where the building will be constructed. To reduce transportation costs, it is advisable to buy land which is in close proximity to the road where transportation and communication are easy.


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  • Conduct a soil test 

Before beginning the construction process ensure to conduct a soil test to find out the type of soil on the land. Different soil types behave differently, whether it is a paddy field or an agricultural field, if it is a paddy field or the soil is not good and loose there will be increased costs in building the foundation.

  • Electric and water supply 

Before buying the land ensure that there is a water and electricity supply near you to avoid the costs of applying for separate poll connection and plumbing which is expensive and will increase construction costs.

  • Reduce the number of walls 

Another way of cutting construction costs is by reducing the number of partition walls and making the house more spacious, this ultimately reduces the surface area, therefore, decreasing costs.

  • The shape of the house 

The size of the house determines the surface area which ultimately affects the construction costs. increasing the size of the house directly increases the costs of construction, so design the house in a good shape that reduces the surface area and therefore reduces the construction costs.

  • Purchase materials from local vendors

Another tip for reducing construction costs is by purchasing construction materials from local vendors thereby reducing transportation costs which can be very costly.

  • Use prefabrication works 

Use pre-fabricated parts of your house to minimize construction costs. Using this method not only saves costs but also reduces the time of construction.

  • Have structural drawings

Having structural drawings for the building is essential because they can tell the amount of sand, cement ad bricks required which can be calculated in advance and when done accurately can save lots of money.


  • Saving in cost of machinery 

Construction machinery and equipment are normally hired on a rental basis, so make calculations and take maximum advantage of the equipment to achieve higher productivity while saving machinery costs.

  • Choosing construction materials 

Another tip for saving construction costs is by choosing cost-effective construction materials of good quality and purchasing them in bulk. Buying the materials in bulk will result in less expenditure because of the discounts as you purchase more.

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Bottom line

Constructing a residential house in kenya doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. You can reduce construction costs by following the expert tips outlined above to build your dream home. The cost reductions should not require you to reduce the quality of work as well.

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