The Ultimate Guide To Foundation Repair in Kenya

A foundation is a critical part of a building because it supports the whole structure and transfers the weight of the building and its components to the ground. Discovering cracks in your foundation doesn’t necessarily call for an alarm, however, in some cases, the problem might be severe and require immediate fixing and repair. Foundation repair is the best way to restore the structural integrity of a house without having to demolish the structure and rebuilding again. Foundation repair in Kenya needed depends on several existing conditions.

foundation repair in kenya

Methods of Foundation Repair in Kenya

The selection of a suitable foundation repair method depends on the nature of the defect.

These repair methods include:

  1. Sealants repair method

    Sealants are one of the most common foundation repair methods in construction. Sealant crack repair methods are used to repair the cracks that appear on the surface of the foundation. This foundation repair shall only be done under the guidance of a professional.

  2. Slabjacking repair method

    This is another repair method for concrete foundations especially if the concrete is sinking. Instead of replacing concrete, strategically placed holes are drilled in the foundation then a mixture of grout is injected underneath the foundation helping it to rise. This method is economical compared to installing a brand-new foundation.

  3. Poured concrete piers repair method

    Concrete piers could be used as a repair method where additional support is required to maintain the stability of the foundation. The cast in situ concrete pier is constructed in the relevant location required to support the structure. The depth of the pier is determined by the condition of the ground.


slab jacking method in kenya

Factors Affecting the Cost of foundation repair in Kenya

  • The foundation repair method

    The repair method you choose will ultimately determine the total cost of the foundation repair, each method has different pricing, whereby some methods cost less while others cost more. Concrete-pressed piers are less expensive while drilled piers cost more.

  • The access limitations

    Access limitations make it harder and the process of foundation repair takes longer, therefore, these limitations automatically add to the cost of the foundation repair. Basically, a 2-foot by 2-foot square space is needed in order to dig down and place the piers, this area around the support point, therefore, needs to be clear and free from obstacles, if not, an additional cost is added.

  • The number of supports needed

    Most foundation repairs are done by adding structures to hold the foundation at the desired level, also known as foundation raising and stabilization. A number of supports are added underground to hold your foundation in place. The number of supports used significantly determines the overall cost of the repair.

  • Location

    The location of your home also determines the cost of a foundation repair. the proximity of your home to town and supplies creates an access limitation since there will be transportation costs involved. If the materials like concrete and mix materials have to be transported for a long distance from the supplier may result in higher costs for the materials and the overall foundation repair costs.

poured concrete piers in kenya


Take away

Figuring out the cost of a foundation repair in Kenya is a lot more than it seems especially when it comes to selecting the suitable repair type as well as whether additional services are needed. You will only be sure of the cost when you get an actual quote from one or more foundation repair companies with experts who will use their knowledge to draw the cost.



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