Complete Guide To Residential Flood Lights in Kenya

To keep your residential house compound and walkways well-illuminated and safe you will need to install flood lights. Flood lights are bright, high-powered weatherproof lights with a broad beam angle used to light up a large area. Commonly used in outdoor areas that require a lot of bright light, like parking lots, playgrounds, gardens, walkways, driveways outdoor yards, and the like. Flood lights in Kenya are usually extremely bright because they contain a special reflector inside them that concentrates the light into an intense beam.

flood lights in kenya

Factors to consider when installing flood lights in kenya.

When installing flood lights in your residential home either in the garden or driveways, you should have the following factors in mind for the lights to function efficiently.

  • Spacing

You should how far apart should the floodlights be installed. Generally, flood lights should be 4x the vertical height apart.

  • Aiming

When installing flood lights for your residential home you should know where exactly to direct the light. For maximum efficiency, the flood light should be aimed at a point that is ⅔ of the area you want to light.

  • Mounting height

You should also consider how high you want to mount the flood light. For every 10m of the ground distance you want to light, the flood light should be raised 5m vertically.


flood lights installation in kenya

Choosing suitable flood lights in kenya.

Choosing and Purchasing the correct type of flood light suitable for your specific lighting need can be an uphill task given the number of options that are available, here are some of the features that will help you in the decision-making process.

  • Color temperature

This refers to the color appearance that comes from the light source, the color temperature of the lights influences the mood created in the space that you are lighting. The color temperature is measured in kelvins, the higher the kelvin temperature the whiter the light being emitted. It is therefore very important to evaluate this feature before purchasing.

  • Lumens

Lumens are used to measure the amount of light being emitted, therefore when purchasing flood lights it’s important to evaluate the lumens of the bulbs, the more lumens the bulb has the brighter the light produced will be.

  • Wattage

You need to consider the energy being consumed by the floodlights before purchasing them. Energy-efficient bulbs consume a lesser amount of energy for the same level of brightness produced. Wattage is the measure of the amount of energy consumed by the bulb, that is why LED bulbs are preferred by most because they consume lesser watts.


types of flood lights in kenya


Types of flood lights in kenya

This floodlight type is basically the most basic and least efficient floodlight

Of the three types of lights, the incandescent light type produces the best quality light however it is the most expensive to operate.

  • Compact fluorescent flood light

This light type is an improvement over the incandescent flood light. This light type is more energy efficient and costs a little more than the latter.

  • LED flood light

 LED lights are the best to use for exterior lighting, improvements in their design have produced the wider range capacity needed for outdoor lighting.LED motion sensor flood lights cost an average of Ksh 2500-5000/- depending on the watts.


Wrap up

The main reason why many homeowners in kenya install flood lights remains to be for security purposes, however, flood lights can also be used for decorative purposes and landscapers place them in trees to illuminate the gardens and backyards. The best outdoor flood light in kenya is the motion-detecting ring smart lighting floodlight since both the light and motion detection can be monitored.

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