Factors Affecting the Construction Cost of A Residential Swimming Pool in Kenya

Adding a swimming pool to the backyard of your residential home in kenya not only increases the resale value but also helps one take full advantage of the garden and the beautiful days to relax with family and friends. When evaluating the construction costs you need to install a swimming pool, there are several factors that parameters that will have an impact on the price. Lets look at the factors that can affect the cost of constructing a swimming pool in Kenya.

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Factors that influence the cost of constructing a swimming pool for a residential house in kenya.

  • Size and shape of the swimming pool

    The design of the swimming pool in terms of size and shape is a critical determinant of the overall cost of pool construction, the larger the pool, the more materials will be required, and the more soil to be excavated therefore more expensive.

  • Location of the swimming pool 

    The location of the swimming pool to be constructed is also another determinant of the overall cost.  A flat open space requires minimal groundwork and landscaping, making it more cost-effective, however, if it’s on the slopes then you may have to consider additional adjustments.

  • The conditions of the ground

    The type and structure of the soil in the swimming pool’s location also affect the cost of constructing a swimming pool. Flood plains and rocky grounds require more in-ground preparations translating to higher costs while fine soils make the installation process easy.

  • The swimming pool finishes

    Finishes form a huge part of the overall construction costs. The type of finish you choose for your pool will affect the cost of construction. concrete and tiled finishes are ideal options if you are on a tight budget.

  • Materials used for construction 

    Different types of swimming pools require different materials therefore the type of materials used for construction will affect the final cost of the swimming pool. Swimming pools with unique features might require specific materials.

  • Labor and permits

     Labor costs account for a huge percentage of the swimming pool construction costs with the price of labor varying with the type of pool being constructed. Inground pools require more labor force therefore more costly than above-ground ones. Permit fees also contribute to the overall costs. Before the construction commences a permit must be acquired from the authorities.

  • The type of swimming pool

    The type of swimming pool will automatically determine its price tag. Typically the above-ground swimming pool is the most inexpensive option

  • The swimming pool system

    The pool pumps, cleaning, and filtration systems also affect the overall construction costs. Some systems are powerful and energy efficient while others are not. You will want to choose the most suitable system for your swimming pool size.

  • The swimming pool running costs

    The annual running costs also contribute to the total costs. The electricity and water bills will depend on the pump and heating system you chose to install. The maintenance costs are also part of the running costs.


swimming pool construction in kenya

The cost of constructing a swimming pool in kenya.

A standard swimming pool in kenya measuring 12 by 6 meters will cost an average of 2.4 million Ksh while one measuring 8 by 4 meters will cost around 1.8 million.


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You do not need to be a billionaire to own a swimming pool in your residential home in kenya, the cost of constructing the swimming pool, however, depends on the size you want and the materials to be used, materials like marble tiles are expensive. Before commencing the project consult a professional to give you the budget estimate to help you cater for the cost and a few miscellaneous that might arise.

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