Gate Prices In Kenya – The Complete Guide

Along with security and privacy, gates are an instinctive introduction to your house or any other establishment. So, we see why you would want something secure, stylish, and yet still functional. But how much really does it cost to get your ideal gate?  With this simple guide, we’re going to look at the average gate prices in Kenya, the different types, and how much they cost. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Buy Gate?

  • Average Gate Price Range: Ksh. 17,000 – Ksh. 160,000


In Kenya, the prices of gates vary vastly. You could find one from your local wielder for just Ksh. 17,000 and get another from a different vendor for upwards of Ksh. 160,000.

Still, gate prices appear to be influenced by a few common factors:


  • Material
  • Design/Type
  • Thickness
  • Size

Let’s take a look at them below.

Factors Affecting Gate Prices In Kenya

1. Material


  • Steel gates price range: Ksh. 17,000 – Ksh. 160,000
  • Wooden gates price range: Ksh. 60,000-Ksh. 160,000


Most gates today are made from steel. Still, you’ll find wooden gates or those made from both wood and steel. Steel gates are the most common since they offer the sweet spot of strength and affordability.  Additionally, steel gates provide greater value for money as they’re incredibly durable, don’t corrode easily, and are easy to maintain. Wooden gates on the other hand are more aesthetical. 

Nonetheless, they’re oft-times pricey more so when you go for hardwood. Also, wooden gates can be adversely affected by bad weather and might not be as strong. If you want to explore wooden gates as an option for anything other than their exquisite look, you want to go for a wooden gate that’s fortified with steel.

2. Design/Type

Here’s where functionality and taste come in. Depending on your needs you may need a typical swing gate, automatic gate, or slide gate. Along with these, gates can have different details and patterns. The more intricate a gate is the pricier it becomes. A little further down we’ll look at gate types in more detail.

3. Thickness

Thicker gates consume more material and are therefore more studier. This also makes them subsequently pricier. However, while thinner gates may be cheaper, they might not always be long-lasting so it’s prudent to go for a gate with moderate thickness. 

4. Size

The average gate size in Kenya is about 3-5 meters wide and 2-3 meters high.  As it is with gate thickness, bigger gates tend to command higher prices. However, you might not always need a massive gate. As a rule of thumb, make sure to choose a gate size a bit larger than your car width or the average car size.

different types of gates used in kenya

Different Types of Gates and Their Price Ranges

The most prevalent types of gates we have in Kenya are:


  • Swing gates
  • Slide Gates
  • Automatic gates


Quick Look


Gate Type Estimated Average Price
Swing Gates Ksh. 58,000
Slide Gates Ksh. 71,000
Automatic Gates Ksh. 115,000

Swing Gates (Manual)

  • Average Price: Ksh. 58,000


Swing gates are the most commonplace gates. They are economical but are not the most convenient as you might need to open them for yourself or have someone do that for you.

Slide Gates (Manual)

  • Average Price: Ksh. 71,000


Slide gates are also quickly becoming popular in Kenya, especially in tight spaces. Unlike swing gates that open either outward or inward, slide gates open horizontally which saves on space. They also require less effort to open and are higher priced than manual swing gates.

Automatic Gates

  • Average Price: Ksh. 115,000


Auto gates are the most expensive gate type. It’s important to note that these types of gates may be pricier to install but are the most convenient since they’re usually opened with a press of a button. They might also help cut down on gate security personnel.

Conclusion – Gate Prices In Kenya

The whole idea is that gate prices in Kenya hang on what you want. We’d advise that you take into high consideration efficiency first. E.g. you might not always need an automatic gate for your private home, however, they’re more suitable for commercial spaces.

All in all, opt for something that works for you, and with this guide, we know you have an idea of how much that will cost.

NOTE: The gate prices listed above are market estimates.


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