Comprehensive Guide to Types of Bathroom Sinks in Kenya

Bathroom sinks are indispensable- we can’t go a day without making use of them. A bathroom sink can have a very significant influence on your bathroom’s overall feel as it is the area that is most noticeable when you first walk into a bathroom. For this reason, it is important to invest in the right and decent bathroom sink to ensure it gives a return on investment. In a quest for stylish and better living, bathroom sinks come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes wide enough to match everyone’s style and budget. Below are the common types of bathroom sinks in Kenya.

Pedestal and wall hung basin sinks

Types of bathroom Sinks for residential homes in Kenya

  • Basins and pedestal sink

    You can never go wrong with putting a basin and pedestal sink in your bathroom. it is one of the most common bathroom sink types in Kenya because of its timeless appeal. the basin is supported by the pedestal’s sturdy foundation ensuring that the sink will stand the test of time. this type of bathroom sink is ideal for both modern and traditional styles in Kenya.

  • Semi-recessed basin sinks

    These types of basin sinks are a combination of designs between a countertop and a fully recessed basin. The basin sink is mounted on a unit but doesn’t fit into the countertop completely and slightly protrudes at the front. With a slimline storage cabinet for storing all your essentials ensures the size of the sink is not compromised. This type of sink in Kenya is a perfect choice for bathrooms where the space is premium.

  • Wall-hung basin sinks

    This type of bathroom sink is ideal for smaller bathrooms that are looking to utilize minimal space. they are sleek, practical, and available in a range of styles in Kenya. Wall-hung basins are adaptable to both traditional and modern bathroom styles.

  • Fully recessed basin sinks

    Perfectly situated beneath a mirror fully recessed basins merge themselves with the countertop surface to create a sleek and streamlined effect in your bathroom. This type of sink is practical as it takes up little space while offering high functionality.

  • Countertop basin sinks

     A countertop basin is a handy way to utilize space since there’s no need to fix a pedestal. this type of bathroom sink brings a super stylish modern edge to your bathroom leaving it with a minimalistic finish with plenty of space for furniture and storage.

  • Corner wash basin

    This type of sink is the ultimate space-saving design for your bathroom in Kenya. it can either be mounted o a corner wall or on top of a corner storage cabinet. they are available in rectangular, round, or offset corner basins with a variety of color options.


fully recessed and semi recessed basin sinks in kenya

Things to consider when buying a bathroom sink in Kenya

To narrow down the choices you have for bathroom sinks in Kenya we have outlined some important factors to consider

  • Size of the bathroom

    You need to consider the available space in the bathroom, for bathrooms with limited space, corner wash basins and wall hung basins are the ideal bathroom sink solutions.

  • The height of the basin

    The wash basin should be mounted at a comfortable height where it can be easily accessed and used and allow sufficient space to add a vanity unit and a  mirror above it. The standard height of a bathroom sink in Kenya is 850mm but varies depending on the users.

  • Basin taps 

    You also need to consider the number of taps to put on the basin. this is determined by the number of tap holes drilled on the basin. Most basins in Kenya have one tap hole because the majority of taps are mixer taps that combine both cold and hot water.


Corner and countertop basin sinks in kenya


Wrap up

The aesthetics of your bathroom goes a long way in having a fun and relaxing time in the bathroom. The type of bathroom sink you choose will make or break the overall aesthetics of your bathroom however this doesn’t mean you ignore practicality and functionality. From the variety of options available for the types of bathroom sinks in Kenya ensure you select a sink that is durable and will last for years.

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