A Guide To Curtain Wall Systems in Kenya

A curtain wall system serves as an external cladding for glass architecture and buildings with nonstructural outer walls. Typically a curtain wall system consists of aluminum framed commercial glass or metal planes. The curtain wall system has been widely adopted commercially basically a curtain wall is an outer covering of a building designed only to keep the weather out and the people in. Since the curtain wall facade carries no structural load beyond its own dead load weight, it can be made of lightweight materials. Curtain wall systems in Kenya possess structural importance equivalent to that gained by other structural elements in the building and have to be properly designed, installed, and maintained.

curtain wall systems in kenya


Benefits of curtain walls  in Kenya 

  • Impressive visuals

    The striking and stunning visuals added by a curtain wall to the design of the building are indubitable. With the installment of curtain walls, the stylish and sturdy design of the building is impressive enough to meet the standard demands of modern architectural structures and design

  • Flexibility in design

    Curtain walls provide flexibility in design, as mentioned their construction involves aluminum which is a highly flexible metal thus no design obstructions.

  • Reduces energy consumption

    Curtain walls help in stabilizing the temperature of the building compared to ordinary glass. Installing them might prove to be a cost-effective investment since it reduces power consumption by a great deal. Curtain walls also increase lighting efficiency thereby reducing lighting bills, in addition to this they also mitigate the penetration of UV rays.

  • Safety against fire

    Curtain walls provide safety against fire by creating a buffer between the compartments of the building thereby helping reduce the spread of fire in case of a fire outbreak. The specially designed laminated glass used can be blast resistant and can withstand the forces so that the workers stay protected.

  • Protection against winds

    The curtain wall system provides the building structure resistance against the winds, it does this by equally distributing the kinetic force along the surface of the structure and more resistance against the winds is developed and the structure stays secure.

  • Durable structure

    Curtain walls primarily consist of high-quality contents like aluminum which are low in weight yet strong and robust. These components increase the durability of the building structure.

  • Increased natural light

    Curtain walls increase the amount of natural light flooding into your building. The lightweight material of a curtain wall system means the frames can be smaller enabling a flood of natural light into buildings, all this while enjoying the beautiful panoramic external views of the garden’s landscape.


unitized curtain wall system in kenya

Types of curtain wall systems in Kenya

The curtain wall systems are differentiated based on their fabrication and installation. They are divided into two categories

  • Unitized curtain wall system

    This system involves the arrangement and glazing of significant components into a single unit. It doesn’t include the installation of single units. This system is usually preferred for large buildings because it includes a faster mode of construction at a lower labor cost.

  • Stick systems

    Stick curtain wall systems are preferred for the construction of smaller buildings it involves an arrangement of small units of the curtain wall. However, compared to unitized systems, the time consumption in sticky systems is greater and the labor costs are also higher. When choosing the type of curtain wall system, the project requirements are an essential factor.


stick curtain wall system in kenya

Bottom line 

Curtain wall systems in Kenya function as a protection to the building, keeping the interior safe and appealing as well. A curtain wall is a great innovation making structures in modern buildings possible while also adding to its energy efficiency and strength.

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