Bathroom Shower Designs in Kenya 

When building a new shower, there are plenty of designs to choose from categorized by size and enclosure shape, they range from prefabricated units to custom-designed showers. The water delivery system is equally important, depending on your preference be sure to find the shower design that meets your needs .Below are some of the options to choose from when selecting bathroom shower designs in kenya;

Bathroom shower designs in kenya 

  • Walk-in shower

    A walk-in shower refers to a shower room with a floor-mounted drain. It is the most popular shower design because of the luxurious shower experience it provides and the ease of cleaning, a walk-in shower should have a waterproof floor and watertight walls to prevent any leaks, there should also be proper ventilation to prevent the room from becoming too steamy

  • Corner shower

    A corner shower is a freestanding walk-in shower specifically designed to use in a corner. It is often the best option for small bathrooms but is a little bit more pricey than others

  • Bathtub -shower combo

    This is the most common shower design whereby the bathtub and the shower head are built on the same unit. They are available in different shapes and sizes. This design makes the most out of limited space therefore suitable for small bathrooms.

Prosthey take up less space compared to separate showers and tubs.

Conscan be difficult to clean

  • Custom shower

    This shower is built to design specifications, they can be designed with specific features like built-in shelves or rainfall showerheads

Pros Can be designed to fit specific needs, can be made with higher quality materials, and can be designed to fit small spaces.

Cons-custom showers are more expensive,

  • Steam showers

     Due to their great benefits, steam showers are becoming quite popular. It is a shower type whereby hot steam is generated and circulated throughout the space

Pros- Can improve circulation and helps detox, can help relax and reduce stress, can improve your skin and hair, and help you breathe better.

  • Prefabricated shower

    This shower design is built in the factory and the finished product is then installed. It is made of mostly fiberglass or acrylic

Proseasy to install, easier to clean, less expensive

Cons-lacks variety of options


Bathtub-shower combo in kenya

How to choose the right bathroom shower design in kenya 


There is a range of options that meet different budget, however, you need to consider your budget and know how much you are willing to spend on the showers because some of them are inherently more pricey. Custom showers for example will be out of the table for you if you have budget constraints and you may opt for pre-fabricated showers.


 You also need to be aware of the available space to use for the bathroom, large expansive bathrooms give you more options to choose from, you can have a separate shower head and bathtub, but if space is a constraint you need to opt for the space-saving options like the bathtub-shower combination.

Preferred use

 Give careful thought to the preferred use of the shower, whether it is for private relaxed use like the master bathroom, or it is a common shower used by guests or family members to quickly cleanse themselves. This will dictate the shower design and fixtures you opt for.

DIY skills

you need to determine if you plan to do the job yourself or if you hire professionals. This will determine the design you choose. Prefabricated showers are more DIY friendly while the other types require professionals to do the plumbing and carpentry work.

steam showers in kenya

Wrap up

Choosing a new bathroom design for your residential home is an exciting opportunity to transform your bathing experience and that of your guests. Give careful thought to the bathroom style you want to achieve and the elements you ideally would want in your bathroom keeping in mind the much-needed storage space.

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