The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Office Space in Kenya

Renting office space has always been a vital necessity for businesses and there are several factors involved in the selection process. Selecting the right office space in Kenya is a critical decision for the success of your business. One of the most crucial factors when looking for office space is the right size needed for the business to operate. It is important to have space enough to accommodate different areas of function in the workplace. An office should be a place where people collaborate, socialize and reflect. Companies are also taking into consideration basic health protocols against the spread of diseases such as physical distancing.


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Choosing the right office size in Kenya

Here are some factors you  need to consider when determining your office size requirement in Kenya

  • The number of employees

    The number of employees you have will determine the size of the office space you need. On average, every employee should have at least five square meters of space for their workstation, equipment, and free space. Also remember to include common shared spaces when calculating space needed for your offices such as meeting and conference rooms, kitchen, and pantry.

  • Plans for growth and expansion

    Leasing an office space should be a long-term plan that can accommodate growth and expansion plans in the future so it’s important to plan ahead and ensure that your office meets the current and future needs, and anticipate space and storage needs for more employees.

  • Type of business

    The next factor to consider is the nature of the business or your employees need their own desks or can they share the space as long as each of them gets a sufficient amount? this factor will help you get an idea of the basic layout structure you will require for your office space.

  • Other requirements

    Aside from providing working spaces for your employees, you may also have other requirements for rooms depending on your business routine. If your business module involves regular meetings with clients, you will need a few meeting and board rooms. all these will give you an idea of the office space required for your business.


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Mistakes to avoid when leasing office space in Kenya

You can not afford to make mistakes when leasing an office space for your business because it can be very costly and can result in missed opportunities. Avoid these mistakes when leasing office space for your business.

  • Not considering the hidden costs

    Businesses make the mistake of not considering the hidden costs like parking fees, maintenance, and utilities which can significantly impact the expenses and make rent unaffordable. To avoid this mistake, carefully review the lease agreement and understand all costs associated with it.

  • Rushing to the decision-making process

    Choosing the right office space requires careful consideration and evaluation. Businesses should take ample time to evaluate their options and make informed decisions and avoid the mistake of making rush decisions.

  • Lack of document inspection

     Leasing an office space means a whole lot of paperwork. Businesses make the mistake of not being careful enough with what they sign. Ensure you review the documents thoroughly and vet the ownership documents before signing the agreement.

  • Basing the decision solely on cost

    Cost may be the deciding factor in the office space search but should not be the only one. Other factors like what is convenient for clients and accessibility should also be put into consideration to find the space that makes sense both economically and operationally.


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Generally, the right size of office space in Kenya will depend on the layout requirement, expected growth, and nature of the business. Avoiding the common mistakes can help you select an office space rental that meets your business needs and supports growth.

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