The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Layouts in Kenya

The most crucial factor to ensure a practical and functional kitchen area in your home is to get the kitchen layout right. Whether the kitchen is small and cramped or large and expansive, getting the layout right will help you get the most out of the space. A kitchen layout is a lot more than just the placement of furniture and cabinetry, getting the heights right, allowing enough space for movement, and placement of appliances are all factors to have in mind. While the floor plan of your kitchen area will mostly determine the layout of your kitchen, you can optimize the area to work better for you. A few kitchen layouts in Kenya can be combined to make your dream kitchen come to life.

one wall kitchen layout in kenya


Types of kitchen layouts in Kenya 

Here are some of the most common kitchen layouts in Kenya to select from:

  1. One-wall kitchen

    This type of layout is usually found in smaller kitchen spaces because it provides space efficiency without compromising on quality. It consists of cabinets installed against a single wall. This layout can have upper and lower cabinets, or shelving over base cabinets, therefore creating a clean aesthetic.

  2. The island kitchen

    This kitchen layout is very popular in homes with an open kitchen design. the island provides a large work surface or storage area in the middle of the kitchen. The island can also be used as a preparation area or for enjoying family meals. while the kitchen has to be large enough to incorporate an island, its placement can be a great way to create natural traffic flow in the area.

  3. The L-shaped kitchen

    This layout is practical for both large and small kitchens. The cabinets are placed along two perpendicular walls. The open plan of this type of layout offers great flexibility in the placement of appliances and work zones.

  4. The U-shaped kitchen

    This is a great layout for large kitchen spaces. It consists of cabinets along three adjacent walls,it provides plenty of storage space but can feel enclosed if there are upper cabinets on the three walls 

  5. The galley kitchen

    The galley kitchen layout makes economical use of cabinets. It consists of two rows of cabinets facing each other creating an inner passage between them. This layout uses every inch of space without wastage

  6. The peninsula kitchen

    This kitchen layout is suitable for medium to large kitchens that want the befits of an island but do not have the space to accommodate it .this layout offers similar traffic patterns to island kitchens but provides more leeway and workspace within reach. It incorporates a kitchen counter that juts out from a wall or cabinetry.


Gallery kitchen layout in Kenya


Tips on How to choose a kitchen layout in Kenya 

Below are some expert tips to help you select the perfect layout for your kitchen.

  • Lifestyle

    Evaluate your personal needs and ensure the kitchen layout fits your lifestyle. If you frequently entertain people you need a larger island kitchen layout to accommodate family and friends in the kitchen.

  • The kitchen space 

    You need to consider the size of the kitchen and the space available. A bigger kitchen will have plenty of options suitable, however, if the kitchen is small a layout like one wall kitchen layout would be perfect.

  • Purpose

    You also need to factor in the intended purpose of the kitchen space whether you want to have it solely for cooking purposes or would like to combine it with the dining space. This will also help you choose the suitable kitchen layout for you.


The island kitchen layout in kenya

 Take away

Identifying the right kitchen layout for your space is the most crucial factor in ensuring a practical kitchen area that is safe and comfortable. The right kitchen layout in Kenya should leave plenty of space for storage and cooking without feeling cramped.

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