A Quick Guide To Common Residential Roof Problems in Kenya

The roof covers one of the large assets you own but issues can come up with a roof from time to time so it pays off to know the signs of trouble. It is essential to inspect your roof regularly and maintain it in order to avoid much more expensive repairs in the future. Roof problems in Kenya can vary from the type of roof, the age of the roof, and the surrounding environment.


preventing roof leaking in kenya

Common roofing problems in  residential homes in Kenya

Below are some of the common roofing problems in Kenya and the tips for solving them

  1. Loose roof tiles

    Poorly installed roof tiles can come off as loose as a result of strong winds rain and other elements. loose roofing tiles are a potential hazard to anyone and increase the potential for more roof damage as rain and dampness can enter the roof structure more easily. the solution for this problem is by fixing the loose or broken tiles immediately.

  2. Roof leaks

    A leaking roof is one of the common roofing problems in Kenya that homeowners face. Untreated roof leaks can cause much more expensive damages and structural problems. The most common causes of roof leaks are damaged or broken roof tiles or cracked flashing. The solution to this problem is to call a professional to fix and repair the leaks.

  3. Stagnant roof water

    Another roof problem in Kenya is when there is a pool of standing water on the roof. This problem is most common on flat roofs and when your roof starts to sink. Over time the water can seep into the support system and cause structural damages posing threats to homes’ overall stability.

  4. Aging roofs

    An aging roof is another common problem with roofs in Kenya. It is essential to have your roof inspected from time to time to identify the issues with an aging roof.

  5. Damage to roofs by trees

    The roof can also be damaged by the nearby trees not only from the trigs and leaves blocking the drainage system but also the larger branches can fall on the roof causing damage to it. The solution is to regularly cut branches of the nearby trees back.

  6.  Roof Drainage issues

    The main purpose of the roof drainage system is to drain away the rainwater by using the gutters but with time issues like blockages can occur causing the rainwater to build up damaging the roof. These issues are mostly caused by the buildup of leaves and other debris in the guttering. The solution for this problem is to constantly remove the debris from the gutters and the roof is cleaned, the drainage system is then likely to stay unblocked.

  7. Poor roof installation

    When the roof is poorly installed it reduces its lifespan while increasing the chances for future roof issues. Moisture makes its way into the roof leading to rots leaks and molds.


tree damage on a roof in kenya


Roofs may appear to be a little more than an uncomplicated covering that protects the inside of the house but are in fact very complex structures that are vital to the overall structure and its stability. Once you detect any of the common roofing problems in residential homes in Kenya outlined in this quick guide ensure you attend to and fix the problem before it causes further damage.

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