The Ultimate Guide To Commercial Green Roofs in Kenya

 A commercial green roof refers to a roof type that supports plant is normally installed on a flat roof and can be used as parks, gardens, or farms .green roof innovation includes the creation of green space on top of the building structure. this unique approach to roofing has become more popular recently. Commercial green roofs in Kenya require irrigation systems, proper waterproofing to prevent leaks a root barrier, appropriate drainage, and a growing medium that is lighter than soil. While they can cost more upfront than a traditional roof, the benefits are huge and the potential long-term savings could pay, especially for the environment.

commercial green roofs in kenya

Types of green roofs in Kenya

There are three main types of vegetated roofs, each with its own advantages and disadvantages

  1. Intensive green roofs

    These are the most common type of green roof on commercial buildings. You can walk on them, garden on them, and even put entertainment spaces on them. Such roofs are deeper in order to accommodate plants that need a lot of room for their roots. This also means that an intensive green roof adds a lot of weight to your building.

  2. Extensive green roof

    This type of green roof is the shallowest at a depth of less than 6 inches. They don’t support plants with in-depth root systems, instead, they are planted with moss or sedums. They are more often chosen as residential green roofs.

Things to consider 

  1.  The building’s weight capacity

    It is important to consider the building’s weight capacity. Green roofs are heavy and for this reason, the building should be able to carry the weight of the green roof.

  2. Type of green roof

    You also need to consider the type of green roof that works best. some buildings may only require a simple roof of grass, especially if the roof is sloped, however, others may want a full garden, which would require an intensive green roof.


Intensive green roof in kenya


Benefits of green roofs in Kenya


  1. Creates an aesthetic roof

    Green roofs provide an aesthetic look to urban communities by promoting an effective and easy strategy for beautifying a newly built environment.

  2. Prevents pollution

    The plants on the green roof help to prevent dust distribution and catch pollutants found in the air.

  3. Reduces stormwater

    Green roofs minimize the need to manage stormwater that accumulates on the roof and stress put on local sewer systems

  4. Preserves roofing

    Since the plants cover the roof, the chances of different elements exposure is limited and enables the roof membrane to last longer than unprotected roofing.

  5. Reduces energy use

    The excellent insulation the green roof provides significantly reduces the energy used.

  6. Noise barrier

    Green roofs serve as natural noise barriers and minimize the amount of outside noise that comes into the building structure.

  7. It improves air quality

    By absorbing carbon dioxide and filtering out other harmful chemicals. Green roofs improve the overall air quality within an area. The plants and greenery also release more oxygen enhancing the air quality even further.

  8. Biodiversity

    Depending on the types of vegetation added to the green roof, it may be able to support pollinators and certain bird species by providing shelter and a breeding space, food, and water. All of this helps to support biodiversity.


extensive green roof in kenya

To sum up

Commercial green roofs in Kenya have the potential to provide numerous benefits to building properties. With these benefits in mind, it is easy to see why owners choose to have green roofs installed on their properties. Depending on whether you choose an intensive or extensive green roof type, ensure you consider the necessary design requirements.


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