The Ultimate Cost Guide for Waterproofing in Kenya

Waterproofing is a process of making a structure or material resistant to the penetration of water. It is commonly applied to various areas, such as basements, bathrooms, roofs, foundations, and outdoor surfaces, to prevent water damage and moisture-related problems.

The cost of waterproofing in Kenya can vary depending on several factors, including the type of waterproofing method, the size of the area to be waterproofed, the condition of the surface, and the location of the project. Additionally, prices may vary among different waterproofing contractors and suppliers. In this guide we will  give you a general idea of the  approximate cost ranges for waterproofing in Kenya:

The ultimate cost guide for waterproofing in Kenya

The cost of waterproofing in Kenya

  • Liquid Waterproofing Membrane: The cost of liquid waterproofing membranes can range from approximately Ksh 800 to Ksh 1,500 per square meter, including the cost of materials and labor.
  • Sheet Membranes: Sheet membrane waterproofing can cost around Ksh 1,500 to Ksh 3,000 per square meter, including materials and labor.
  • Cementitious Waterproofing: The cost of cementitious waterproofing can range from approximately Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 2,500 per square meter, including materials and labor.
  • Bentonite Waterproofing: Bentonite waterproofing can cost around Ksh 1,500 to Ksh 3,500 per square meter, including materials and labor.

Top five waterproofing companies in Kenya

Top five waterproofing companies in Kenya

 Here are five waterproofing companies in Kenya in no particular order:

  1. Kenya waterproofing company Limited: Kenya waterproofing company Limited are specialists in waterproofing basements, flat roofs, swimming pools, epoxy floors, watertanks and industrial floors
  2. Maintech works Limited: Maintech Works are waterproofing experts ready to help you solve all types of waterproofing problems, be it rooftops, basements, concrete, water tank waterproofing, damp proofing and damp control. It is a  waterproofing company in Kenya that specializes in providing comprehensive waterproofing solutions. They offer services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.
  3. Topseal engineering ltd: The company is your excellent waterproofing solutions provider for new and old water retaining and excluding structures such as flat roofs, concrete gutters, basements, swimming pools, construction joints, underground tanks, car parks and wet areas. Location: Nicholson Drive, Off Ngong Road. 
  4. Sika Kenya: Sika Kenya provides a wide range of waterproofing systems and solutions such as joint waterproofing, liquid applied waterproofing, bitumen waterproofing, waterproofing mortars and renders 
  5. Mau west company ltd: Mau West are masters in providing permanent waterproofing solutions. They are total experts in new and old gutters, roofs, water retaining and excluding structures. Location: KCB Building, 2nd Floor, Enterprise Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Top five waterproofing products in Kenya

Top five waterproofing products in Kenya

  1. Bostik Cementone Roof Compound: Firstly, this is a waterproofing compound specifically designed for roofs. It provides excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, and metal surfaces, creating a durable waterproof barrier.
  2. Sika BlackSeal Plus: Secondly, Sika BlackSeal Plus is a bitumen-based waterproofing membrane commonly used in Kenya. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including basements, roofs, and water tanks.
  3. AquaMend Cementitious: Thirdly, AquaMend is a cement-based waterproofing  system that is highly effective in preventing water penetration. It can be applied to concrete structures, water tanks, and swimming pools.
  4. Duracoat Duraroof Elastic Waterproofing Compound: Fourthly, Duraroof Elastic is a high-performance waterproofing compound designed for roofs. It forms a seamless, elastic membrane that provides long-lasting protection against water infiltration.
  5. Cementone Tanking Slurry: In addition, Cementone Tanking Slurry is a waterproofing compound used for below-ground structures, such as basements and retaining walls. It creates a waterproof barrier by penetrating the substrate and blocking water passage.


It’s important to note that the selection of the appropriate waterproofing product should be based on the specific needs of your project and the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s recommended to consult with a professional for proper application guidelines. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the quality of materials, the experience and reputation of the contractor, and any warranties or guarantees offered. Investing in professional and reliable waterproofing services is crucial to ensure effective and long-lasting waterproofing for your building.

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