The Comprehensive Guide To Office False Ceilings in Kenya

office false ceiling in kenya

In a modern office setting, the ceiling is much more than part of the interior architecture of the building. Along with investing in high-quality furnishings, close attention should be paid to the ceiling and walls as well. A well-designed office false ceiling design creates a vibrant workplace and often leads to a rise in staff productivity. The type and design of the false ceiling can bring a drastic change to the work environment. A false ceiling is defined as a secondary ceiling hung below the primary ceiling or roof. False ceilings are crafted from a variety of materials such as plaster of Paris,(POP), gypsum, particle boards, and aluminum panels. In this article, we will discuss a detailed comparison between pop and gypsum office false ceilings in kenya.


false ceiling in kenya


Importance of a good office false ceiling in Kenya

A well-designed false office ceiling offers both functional and aesthetic features.

  1. To eliminate artificial lighting

    A good false ceiling eliminates the need for extra artificial lighting due to its capability to reflect and diffuse light. This results in lower consumption of power and therefore energy conservation.

  2. Enhancing office Aesthetics

    False ceilings are also used to enhance the aesthetical beauty of the office where it is installed.

  3. Sound insulation

    Office false ceilings can also be used for sound insulation, therefore, reducing noise pollution and enhancing concentration.

  4. To conceal the wiring

    Office false ceilings also play the role of concealing the exposed electrical wires, pipes, and other utilities in the roof.

plaster of paris ceiling in kenya



Plaster of Paris office false ceiling in Kenya

Plaster of Paris’s false office ceiling is a common variety amongst all types of materials for false ceilings. It is widely used because it is inexpensive compared to other materials. It is also resistant to weather conditions and chances to damage by weather changes are comparatively lesser. It can be molded to any desired shape but requires highly skilled workers.

Pros of POP false ceiling in kenya

  • Durability

    Plaster of Paris is a durable material and can sustain for a longer period of time.

  • Smoother finish

    Plaster of Paris provides a smoother finish and an even surface  on the office ceiling

  • Can be easily molded

    POP can be easily molded into  various shapes and designs

Cons of POP false ceiling in Kenya

  • Skilled workers

     Plaster of Paris requires skilled workers to install the design of the office ceilings

  • Difficult to install

    POP has to be in a perfect and completely dry state for installation as it can be difficult due to the moisture present in it.

  • A lot of wastage

    There is more wastage of plaster of Paris mixture making the site untidy due to its powder form.



gypsum ceiling in kenya

Gypsum office false ceiling in Kenya

Gypsum false ceilings are made from ready-to-install gypsum boards and are mostly installed in offices where the central air conditioning systems are to be used.

Pros of gypsum false ceilings in Kenya.

  • Easy to install

    Gypsum false ceiling boards are comparatively easier to install.

  • Provide a flawless look

    Gypsum boards provide a flawless look to the office ceiling without too many joints.

  • Quality:

    The consistency of the gypsum ceiling quality is maintained as it is manufactured by machines in factories.

Cons of gypsum false ceiling

  • More expensive

    gypsum false ceiling boards are more expensive than plaster of Paris  false ceilings

  • The boards can be damaged

    Sometimes the gypsum boards can reshape and be damaged due to water seepage from leaking roofs or air conditioning pipes.

  • Difficult to uninstall

    Gypsum false ceilings are difficult to uninstall and the whole would have to be damaged.


To conclude, the gypsum false ceiling is definitely said to be better for office false ceilings in kenya Compared to the plaster of Paris false ceiling despite it being more costly. It is chosen because the advantages it offers outweigh its cons and owners are willing to invest in gypsum false ceiling despite the higher initial cost.


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