Consider These Landscaping Styles in Kenya

tropical and woodland landscaping in kenya

Nothing says dreamy like a lush front or backyard, especially one filled with beautiful landscaping. Generally, landscaping has a huge impact on the overall feel and look of your home while increasing the resale value as well. The different types of landscaping styles in Kenya you choose allow you to have a backyard where you can go relax and decompress from the rest of the world. When choosing the landscaping design you want to have at your house you need to keep in mind the ultimate goals you have including, entertainment, relaxation, and sustainability and you also need to consider the children.


Types of Landscaping Styles in Kenya

Below are some of the landscaping designs that you can consider for your home

  1. Tropical landscaping

    You can recreate the tropical vibes in your own backyard with lush greenery and bold colors. You can grow palm trees, hibiscus flowers, orchids, and jasmine which are all representatives of the tropicals. A swimming pool with a waterfall with a touch of brightly colored outdoor furniture can really level up this type of landscaping.

  2. Woodland landscaping

    Consider a woodland landscaping design if your ideal getaway is a cozy cabin in the woods. This is an excellent choice for a low-maintenance landscape that includes forest trees , hardwood trees (like mapple and oak), shrubs, and florals that can be left to grow on their own .structural additions like stone pathways, wooden benches and decorative birdhouses help create the woodland look and feel.

  3. Desert landscaping

    This type of landscaping can be a low-maintenance option that requires little upkeep and water. Succulents are a must, and cacti and aloe are desert additions, consider desert-tolerant plants like begonia, and autumn to add color. An addition of heat-resistant furniture in light colors and a fire pit evokes the desert look. Don’t forget to provide shade like a gazebo.

  4. Rock garden landscaping

    One of the most simple and cheap landscaping styles is the use of rock. Rocks unlike many forms of landscaping survive harsh conditions like intense sunlight. For a rock garden landscape, you need t use small and large pebbles in order to diversify the look, and you could also use plants like cacti around the rocks. Use rock at the driveways and you will love the appearance of your garden.

  5. Floral landscaping

    You can never go wrong with this type of landscaping. Flowers give a visual appeal and the look of fresh flowers in your home is breathtaking. To achieve a perfect floral landscape you need to grow different types of flowers so that you can have a splash of colors .using flower baskets and elevated planters go a long way.


desert and floral landscaping in kenya


Tips on choosing a suitable landscape style in Kenya. 

  1. Maintenance

    Consider the amount of maintenance required for each landscape design and choose the landscape style that will fit the maintenance level you are able to offer.

  2. Plant selection

    One of the basics is choosing the right types of plants that are native to your region which will grow without requiring constant maintenance

  3. Placement

    Sometimes homeowners underestimate how large trees or plants can grow therefore their placement should not be done without forethought because once they are grown they can disrupt the foundation with their roots  and cause damage therefore should not be placed close to the house.

rock garden landscaping in kenya



Despite which landscaping style spoke to you, ensure you are considering the best landscaping style in Kenya for your home considering factors like weather, personal preference, and maintenance requirements.


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