A Comprehensive Guide To Container Homes in Kenya

Container homes are the best if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint. Kenyans have embraced the use of technology as they seek to get practical solutions for emerging challenges. modern construction designs have given room to new modes of construction including container homes in Kenya. A shipping container home is made from steel containers used for transporting goods on ships. These container units are large, reusable, and available mainly in 10,20, and 40 feet, these container homes are a choice for homeowners looking for lower construction and maintenance costs. The units can be used as standalone homes or combined with multiple containers to create a multilevel residence. Unlike common construction materials, containers offer a myriad of design options that can fit any required taste and preference. However, a container home may not be an ideal solution for everyone, in this guide we will explore the benefits and cons of having container homes in Kenya.

a container home in kenya


Advantages Of Container Homes In Kenya

  1. Cheaper to construct

    Container homes are a good choice for homeowners looking for cheaper to construct and maintain homes. It costs less to construct a container home due to the use of recycled materials even with high-end container homes you are likely to spend less on construction compared to common house construction. this makes it attainable for those with less income or savings.

  2. Less construction duration

    Building a container home in kenya takes a shorter time than building a regular home. Some builders can construct a shipping container in a month making it easier to schedule construction around your needs and the new home can be move-in ready quickly.

  3. Mobile home units

    Unlike regular houses, a container house can be relocated to any other location by using a transportation service making it easier for you to move around whenever you want to.

  4. Durability

    Shipping containers are highly durable, hence homes built from containers offer increased durability compared to regular homes

  5. Highly customizable

    Containers are easy to customize and you can choose from a wide range of floor plans and layouts. Containers can be stacked to create multiple floors and connected in a variety of ways to create different layouts.

  6. Energy efficient

    By using the right design choices, container homes can become much more energy efficient compared to regular homes since they are small making them easier to heat and cool.


multilevel container homes in kenya


Disadvantages Of Container Homes In Kenya 

  1. Require reinforcement

    Although storage containers are made of durable steel, they still require reinforcement because the roof can sag during heavy solve this, a sloped roof is used and the load-bearing walls of the container need to be reinforced.

  2. Require insulation Shipping containers do not possess insulating properties and therefore require proper insulation. the insulation is provided based on the site conditions.

  3. Not always eco-friendly

    One of the advantages of container homes is creating less impact on the environment, however, that is not always the case. Some containers may come with significant damage and the interior may also contain volatile chemicals.


prefabricated containers in kenya


Companies that specialize in the construction of container homes in kenya

They include:

  • ISM containers kenya 

    They offer sustainable and energy-efficient container homes built using environmentally friendly materials.

  • Smart generation container Kenya

 based in Nairobi, this company offers a range of container home solutions like interior fit-outs and delivery and installation services.

  • Container ventures Kenya

    this is a design and construction company specializing in container homes. They offer a range of services including design, fabrication, and installation.

  • Containers 254 Limited

    This company offers container home solutions for both residential and commercial clients, including custom designs and fabrication.

Commonly used materials for container homes in Kenya

  • Shipping containers

    these are the primary materials used in the construction of container homes. They are made of steel and can be easily modified.

  • Insulation

    To maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, insulation is necessary. Materials such as fiberglass and spray foams are commonly used for this purpose.

  • Flooring

    Container homes can have a variety of flooring materials like laminate, vinyl, hardwood, or tile.

  • Glass

    Windows made of glass and doors are used to allow natural light and ventilation.

  • Roofing

    The original roofing of the shipping container can be kept or replaced with a new roofing material.



Is a container home in Kenya worth it? as property prices increase, container homes in Kenya have become a good alternative to owning a home. Thanks to their eco-friendly features, container homes are a popular trend however not for everyone based on their pros and cons. You can weigh between the pros and cons now that you are aware of them and then decide on whether a container home is a good option for you or not depending on your needs and preferences.


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