Cement Prices in Kenya -The Complete Guide

Right off the bat, we’re going to tell you that a regular 50kg bag of cement in Kenya goes for between Ksh. 600-Ksh. 900. But, that’s not all that you should know. Cement prices in Kenya today heavily depend on the brand, cement class, quantity, and strangely enough your location as well. The good thing however is that the cement prices in Kenya have remained relatively steady over the years due to multiple cement manufacturers. With this guide, we’ll look at the factors that affect cement prices and the top cement companies and their prices.

cement prices in kenya the complete guide in kenya

What Factors Affect Cement Prices In Kenya Today?

Cement prices in the country are mainly influenced by:

The cement brand or cement company

Generally, brand names in the Kenyan cement market like Bamburi Cement, Mombasa Cement, Simba Cement, and the like tend to command higher prices.  Why? These mainstream brands have built their reputation on quality, and therefore assure you of greater value than undistinguished cement manufacturers.

The quantity of cement you’re getting

Well, if you’re handling a large construction project you’ll most probably need to get cement in large quantities. Large-scale cement purchases might attract a wholesale discount, which means you’re buying a bag of cement at a price lower than the market cost.

Type of Cement (Class)

There are three main classes of cement in Kenya right now:

  • 32.5 N (Normal Strength)
  • 32.5 R (Rapid Strength)
  • 42.5 N (Highest Strength)

Your construction needs will dictate the type of cement you need. The 42.5 N cement type is the strongest and naturally the most pricey. This cement type is used for powerful reinforcements, e.g. building large bridges, underground tunnels, and suspended road pillars. The more affordable 32.5 N and 32.5 R however are the most common cement types for people working on residential construction projects.

Your location

Generally, if you get cement from areas near cement manufacturing companies the prices will be cheaper. This is because there are few transport costs incurred by the company – if any.

E.g. For an Athi River cement bag, a buyer around Mlolongo might buy it at a cheaper price than a customer from Nakuru.

top cement companies in kenya

Top Cement Companies in Kenya – Quick Look

  1. Bamburi Cement
  2. National Cement Company Limited (SIMBA)
  3. Blue Triangle Cement (East African Portland Cement Company)
  4. Mombasa Cement Limited
  5. ARM Cement Limited (Athi River Mining Cement Limited)

Leading Kenyan Cement Brands and Average Cement Prices 

1. Bamburi Cement

  • Estimated 50kg bag price: Ksh. 640-900
  • Company Location: Bamburi, Mombasa with Nairobi Headquarters

Launched in 1951, Bamburi Cement is the biggest cement manufacturer in East Africa. The company’s main cement plant in Bamburi, Mombasa is also said to be the biggest cement manufacturing plant in Sub-Saharan Africa. If you want premium cement from a reputable cement company, Bamburi Cement fits the bill.

2. National Cement Company Limited (SIMBA)

  • Estimated 50kg bag price: Ksh. 600 – 700
  • Company Location: Athi River

National Cement Company Limited started producing cement in 2010 under the name Simba Cement. It’s even more remarkable that in just over 10 years, the company has grown to be one of the most sought-after cement brands in Kenya. National Cement Company Limited also prides itself in state-of-the-art cement manufacturing technology and international standards to give you high-grade cement.

3. Blue Triangle Cement (East African Portland Cement Company)

  • Estimated 50kg bag price: Ksh. 625-650
  • Company Location: Athi River

East African Portland Cement Company is a veteran cement company having started its operations in 1933. This cement company produces its cement under the brand name Blue Triangle Cement.  Blue Triangle Cement is also known for world-class quality and has been used in renowned constructions like the Thika Super Highway and The Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

4. Mombasa Cement Limited

  • Estimated 50kg bag price: Ksh. 600 – 650
  • Company Location: Mombasa

Mombasa Cement Limited is a large-scale cement producer churning out about 3.3 million metric tonnes every year. The company is headquartered in Mombasa and also has manufacturing facilities in Vipingo, Kilifi, and Athi River, Machakos County. Mombasa Cement Limited also offers affordable cement prices and hinges its services on complete customer satisfaction.

5. ARM Cement Limited (Athi River Mining Cement Limited)

  • Estimated 50kg bag price: Ksh. 500 – 640 
  • Company Location: Athi River

Boasting operations in Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania, ARM Cement Limited is an expansive cement and construction material manufacturer. Formerly known as Athi River Mining Limited, ARM Cement Limited is said to produce 2-5 million metric tons of cement per year. 

Conclusion – Cement Prices In Kenya

You’ll notice that cement prices from the different cement brands are quite close. In the end, it might all narrow down to the cement class you want and where you’re buying from. There are more cement brands that you can also look at. Nonetheless, since the aforementioned brands are popular they’re easily accessible from local hardware stores if you don’t want to get them directly from manufacturers.

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