The Ultimate Guide For Residential Superstructures in Kenya

In the construction industry in Kenya, a superstructure refers to the visible upper part of a building above the ground level. It serves the intended purpose for which the building is constructed, since it is visible, it should be very well designed both structurally and aesthetically so it can be eye-catching and stand out from other houses. In this guide, we are going to discuss the components and types of residential building superstructures in Kenya.

Components of a residential building superstructure in Kenya 

The superstructure of a  residential building in Kenya consists of  the following:

  • Columns

    columns are the vertical load-bearing members of the superstructure whose width is not less or more than four times its width.

  • The Slab

    slabs are the horizontal structural elements used to transfer the load to the walls and create flat surfaces like the floor, ceilings, and roof decks.

  • Walls

    walls are also a component of the superstructure, they are used to divide the rooms into desired patterns.

  • Beams

    beams are the horizontal  structural elements that are between two supports of a building and carry vertical  loads along their axis

  • The Lintel

    The part that is immediately above the wall openings is called the Lintel, and it’s used to distribute the weight of the above structures evenly to the side walls. they are also members of the superstructure.

  • The Roof

    The uppermost part of a building structure whose main function is to cover the building to protect it from the elements of weather like sun, rain, and wind, is referred to as the roof and it also forms a member of the superstructure.

  • The floor

    buildings are divided into several floor levels to create more accommodation, these floors form part of the superstructure.

  • Parapet wall

    When a flat roof is used in a building structure, the small exterior vertical that projects above the roof slab is known as the Parapet wall. Their main purpose is to prevent water from entering the building

  • The stair

    A series of steps or flights that are used to aid the movement from one floor level to another is known as the stair, while an enclosed space that is occupied pied by the stair is known as the staircase, the stair and the staircase also form components of a superstructure.


Components of a superstructure in kenya


Types of superstructures in kenya 

There are two main types of residential superstructures. the load-bearing superstructure and the framed superstructure.

  • Load bearing superstructures

    this type of superstructure is the most commonly used when constructing residential houses. The dead and imposed loads from the roof and floors are distributed vertically downwards through the walls.

  • Framed superstructures

    this type of superstructure is mostly used when the number of floors required is more. The columns beams and floors are constructed first then the walls are built to portion, and the walls are subjected to their self-weight.


Types of superstructures in kenya


In conclusion, when designing superstructures in kenya, the pressure that it will exert on the finished construction should be put into consideration while keeping in mind the safety and stability of the entire building structure. The selection of the type of superstructure to use in the building construction depends on the size of the house.

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