Complete Guide To a Residential Plumbing Systems in Kenya

Plumbing can be referred to as a system of pipes that convey water, fluids, and liquid disposable wastes in a building with the use of plumbing fixtures, valves, pipes, and other apparatuses. There are 3  different residential plumbing systems in Kenya.

they include:

Drinking water plumbing system | Residential Plumbing System in Kenya

Types of  residential plumbing systems in Kenya

  • Drinking water plumbing system

    This plumbing system should not be in contact with lines from other plumbing systems that might contaminate it .this system should be able to cope with back siphonage or back-pressure hazards. It requires proper maintenance and installation by a professional plumber, it should be inspected regularly to ensure it is free from crossing with unsafe sources and wastewater.

The materials used for this plumbing system should meet the regulations and specification standards set by a certification organization.

  • Drainage plumbing system

    This system’s main objective is to remove excess water from a building to maintain a healthy condition in the house. it works to move rainwater and excess liquids to the disposal point as quickly as possible to prevent it from accumulating in the ensure this system works efficiently,it requires periodic maintenance and regular inspection by a professional plumber to check for hiccups, clogs, and tears so that they can be repaired.

  • Sewage plumbing system

    This sewage plumbing system is very vital for every residential house for the collection and disposal of wastewater. It has a compartment for the separation of sewage and sludge. This system has a lot of substances that can be harmful to humans and other living creatures, it is, therefore, important to have a professional plumber for proper management and maintenance.


Drainage plumbing system | residential plumbing systems in Kenya


How to maintain an efficient  residential plumbing system in Kenya 

  • Install mesh drain covers

    Mesh drain covers to prevent stuff like hairs, chips, and other debris from causing clogs in the drainage.

  • Check for leaks regularly

    Do regular inspections of pipes for signs like rusting and corrosion which eventually cause leaks and repair them instantly instead of waiting until all of them need replacement.

  • Clear blocked toilets

    You can clear blocked toilet bowls from time to time using hot water and soap

  • Regularly check for tank leaks

    Check for tank water leaks regularly to see if its leaking water into the bowl and replace it immediately to stop the leaks

  • Stop overflowing in toilets

    To avoid the water from overflowing in the toilet bowl, you need to open the toilet tank and lower the flushing valve.

  • Flush the water heater

    You need to flush your water heater once in a while to clean it in case some mineral sediments have accumulated at the bottom, also it is important to change the anode rod in a while.

  • Clean the showerheads

    To avoid clogging showerheads with mineral sediments over time, you should regularly soak them in vinegar to clear the clogs and avoid complete blockage.


sewage plumbing system


Top 5  residential plumbing pipes in kenya


    The polyvinyl chloride pipes have plastic tubing, therefore, are rust and corrosion resistance which makes them incredibly durable. for this reason, these pipes are mostly used for the sink, shower, and toilet drain lines because they protect the water against rust, corrosion, and sediment buildup. They can also be used as the main water supply because they can handle high water pressure and is easy to work with due to their lightweight nature. these PVC pipes, however, are not tolerant to hot water and have concerns over toxicity. they are also limited in terms of size.


    These pipes are able to handle high water pressure and are tolerant to both cold and hot water. they are best suited to protect the water and are corrosion resistant, for this reason, they are mostly used in showers, sinks, and tubs. this pipe type is the most expensive and cannot be used in tight places because of its rigid nature.


    Cross-linked polyethylene piping is an affordable plastic tubing that is flexible and easy to use for water supply lines. they are resistant to rust and corrosion, color-coded for both hot and cold water, and can withstand high water pressure.


    These pipes are no longer being used in new constructions because they are prone to corrosion and rust which eventually affect the quality of water being supplied. they were used mainly for sewer lines in the old homes because of their heat-resistant nature, durability, and ability to reduce the sound of moving water. over time these pipes have largely been replaced by copper and PVC pipes.


    These pipes are typically used for vent and drain lines. they are similar to PVC pip[es but black in color. these pipes are noisier than other pipe types and can easily warp when exposed to extreme sunlight.


In conclusion, different types of pipes serve different purposes according to their unique properties, for this reason, you need a professional plumber to guide you in this plumbing system installation process for your residential home in Kenya. Ensure you select the right pipes for the right plumbing system in Kenya.


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