Types of Swimming Pools in Kenya

Swimming pools are a great and beautiful addition to your residential home. They are available in different designs. shapes, sizes, and types for various purposes with each of the different types having its own advantages and disadvantages.  Factors like the budget, the size of the backyard, and the availability of the materials will determine the type of swimming pool you choose for your residential home in Kenya. While some pools are designed and constructed for entertainment and recreational purposes, others are built for athletic training and hydrotherapy. Let’s look at the different types of swimming pools in Kenya

architectural swimming pools in kenya


Let’s take a tour of some of the options you have for a swimming pool installed on your property in Kenya.


Above ground and in ground swimming pools


Types of swimming pools for residential homes in Kenya

  • Above-ground swimming pools

These pools are a popular choice for backyards in Kenya. These pools minimize the risks of falling in because the entry points are high off the ground. In addition to their ease of installation and low costs, above-ground swimming pools don’t take a lengthy process to install.


Inexpensive and most affordable type of pool

Easy and quick installation

Minimises risk of falling in


They are not aesthetically pleasing and limited to designs.

Their lifespan is not as long as that of in-ground pools


These pools are the most common types of swimming pools in Kenya and are a more family-friendly option. They are permanent structures built into the ground.


They are customizable

They add a resale value to the property

They are durable and have three different material options


They require routine maintenance

They are expensive to construct.

  • Lap swimming pool 

Lap pools are constructed for a specific purpose; which is swimming laps. They are rectangular in shape and very long. Generally, they do not have shallow ends and the depth is the same throughout to make turning on both sides easy. Lap pools have lower maintenance costs than other types of pools in kenya because they have less water.


Less expensive to maintain

They are good for exercise



Not very functional outside of doing swimming laps

  • Architectural swimming pools 

 This type of swimming pool is one of the most expensive types of pools in Kenya as it involves a lot of planning and sophistication and is usually designed by an architect, therefore, incorporating unique and complicated design elements. It is built when the house is also being constructed because it is made with the same materials as that of the house for a neat and cohesive look because they are meant to complement the overall design of the house.


They add to the home resale value

Incredibly aesthetically pleasing


Require length planning and installation process

They tend to be very expensive


This type of swimming pool is also known as a vanishing edge pool, negative edge, or infinity edge pool. they are designed to highlight a grand view and create an illusion of a water edge where it seems like one side ends in a waterfall. they are more expensive than other residential options in Kenya.


They are very beautiful and visually appealing



They are very expensive due to their complicated structural nature.

  • Plunge pools 

These pools aren’t exactly meant for swimming but rather used to cool down and relieve stiffness after an athletic activity. They can be built as an addition to another pool.

  • Spool 

a spool is a combination of the words pool and spa. It is a relatively small pool meant for lounging rather than swimming and can include features like jet sprays and lights.


It is perfect for relaxing

It is less expensive than a full-size pool


It is not suitable for intense swimming.


Infinity and plunge pools in kenya


When constructing a swimming pool for your residential home in Kenya we suggest you get in touch with a reliable contractor for a cost estimate. you need to also include the operational and maintenance costs in your budget since the swimming pool needs to be constantly drained and refilled. 



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