A Complete Guide To Wardrobe Materials in Kenya

The wardrobe design, color, and external finishes add a great deal to the bedroom’s overall decor and aesthetics, with each finish bringing out its distinct appearance and texture. Built-in wardrobes are made from a base material that is completed with a variety of finishes. The combination of these two will determine not only the look of the wardrobes but also the cost of the wardrobe units. The best wardrobe materials in Kenya are those that balance functionality, durability, and style.

plywood and particle board wardrobes


Wardrobe base materials for residential homes in Kenya

Choosing the material for your built-in wardrobes requires an understanding of your needs and matching those needs to your budget, style, and lifestyle. Here are some of the best materials to choose from for your closets in your residential homes in Kenya

  • Plywood wardrobes

    Plywood is one of the most popular and versatile wardrobe materials in Kenya because it is considerably lighter and easier to work with. It is manufactured from layers of wood veneers glued together, this material is often finished with laminate or veneer allowing you to deck it up in a variety of colors without compromising on strength.

  • Medium-density fibreboard wardrobe

    This material is an eco-friendly choice because it is reclaimed pieces of softwood and hardwood, the result is a wood that is denser and less durable than particle board. It retains moisture, therefore, will not perform best for wardrobes near the bathroom.

  • Particle board wardrobe

    This material is affordable and environmentally friendly and made from wood residue flattened into smooth sheets. The surface is great for painting on and creating decorative cuts for wardrobes in Kenya.

  • Solid wood wardrobe

    If you are looking for durability and charm in the wardrobes then solid wood is the ideal choice, although it requires regular polishing and is more expensive than other materials, it complements any theme and style. However with forest reserves being depleted this material is no longer considered environmentally friendly in Kenya.


MDF and solid wood wardrobes in kenya


Wardrobe finishing materials for residential homes in Kenya

  • Decorative veneer

    Veneers are the best finishes if you love the warmth of natural wood. They are made from ultra-thin sheets of wood and then glued to either a particle board or MDF wardrobe base. The veneer can be polished and finished just like solid wood.


look and feel of real wood at a fraction of the cost


needs to be polished regularly to keep the surface looking good.

  • Mirrored shutters wardrobe

    Mirror wardrobes are the best way to enlarge a small room and brighten it up by reflecting light. It is a choice that combines both style and functionality.


combines functionality and aesthetics


 mirrors are susceptible to breaking

  • Laminate wardrobe

    Laminates are the most popular choice of materials in Kenya and offer an array of finishes, colors, and patterns to suit your decor and theme. available in matte, glossy, and textured surface finishes.


 Durable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain


Susceptible to scratches and chipping. The cost-effective varieties look cheap!

  • Transparent glass or acrylic wardrobes –

    If you are a minimalist,transparent glass is a good option for your wardrobe shutters in a minimal wardrobe design. They give a light and airy look to your wardrobe, however, they could force you to ensure that your wardrobe is always in order.


 They are unique and elegant


There is a lack of privacy for your wardrobes.


laminate and acryclic wardrobes in kenya

Bottom line

Choosing wardrobe materials that suit your needs goes a long way in ensuring it remains timeless both in style and durability. Plywood is considered the best wood from a range of different materials in Kenya. Since wardrobes are enclosed spaces that are not exposed to fresh air they tend to be breeding grounds for moisture-loving bugs therefore consider moisture-resistant plywood materials.

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