A Complete Guide on Smart Security in Kenya

Security and safety are the critical elements of a smart home, Improved security is the major benefit of home automation in a smart home, a security system achieves the prevention of home breaking in, and unauthorized entry by intruders. Smart security systems will raise alarms in case of intrusion and also notify you of unsecured zones like open doors or windows in your home. Aside from that safety is also a critical element in a smart home and the smart security systems in kenya consist of smoke detectors that will alert the homeowners in case of a fire break out.

In this guide, we will take you through the components of a smart security system and the steps to take to keep your smart home safe.

Components of  a smart security system in kenya 

  • Smart alarms

    Alarm-enabling devices like sirens are an indispensable part of a smart security system, the sirens alert the homeowners of an attempted break-in or of a threat

  • Security cameras

    Security cameras  are a core part of a security system and serve as eyes for you when you are not home you can be able to see what is happening through these cameras, not forgetting doorbell cameras 

  • Smart locks

    Smart locks form an essential part of a smart home security system, these locks can be locked and unlocked using a remote control or a passcode.

  • Motion sensors

    Motion sensors detect unrecognized movements and send you notifications to notify you of them, for this reason, they are incorporated into the alarm system

  • Smoke detectors

    You can have smoke detectors as a comprehensive part of a home security system.

  • Glass break detectors

    These sensors detect the sound of shattering glass and immediately set off the alarm. They are useful in letting you know when someone tries to break in through the windows.


smart security cameras in kenya

Steps to keep your smart home safe and improve smart security in Kenya

Just like  other internet-connected products and devices, smart home  products are vulnerable to security breaches and hackers

While it is impossible to be 100% secure with internet-connected devices, there are steps you can take to ensure your smart home is safe and secure

Below are some of the steps you can take to secure your smart home.

  • Use strong unique passwords for smart security

    One of the best tips to secure your smart home is to use a unique hard-to-guess password that is lengthy, do not use the same passwords across numerous accounts.

  • Secure your wifi router

    When purchasing a wifi router to use for your smart home ensure you get the model that offers WPA2 which is the strongest encryption level for the wireless network.

  • Enable the two-factor authentication in your smart security

    The last defense line to keep hackers out of your account is the two-step factor authentication(2FA). Whereby a person trying to log in will require a multi-digit code sent to you.

  • Keep your smart devices up to date

    Ensure you check for and install firmware updates for your smart devices to ensure they are running on the latest update and are secure.

  • Buy devices enhanced with smart security features

    You need to look for privacy features in devices, especially in cameras. Features like private shutters add a visual layer of protection. Also, ensure you review the privacy settings of devices before purchasing them.


smart locks and motion sensors in kenyaBottom line

The bottom line comes down to the fact that internet-connected devices are always subjected to the risk of being hacked and inviting these gadgets puts your smart home at risk.

Following the steps outlined above will however improve your home’s smart security in kenya and give you some peace of mind and trust that you are keeping your home safe and secure.

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