Installing Solar Electric System in Kenya in Your Home

Investing in a solar electric system to power your home is a smart choice given all the benefits and long-term savings you will get as a result. However, just like any other vast investment and serious purchase requires thorough considerations and careful planning, buying and investing in solar panels is no exception since it is a considerably large investment to make. In order to make this transition less of a struggle and time-consuming, we have listed some of the factors you need to consider before installing the solar electric system for your residential home in Kenya.

Factors to consider before installing solar electric system in Kenya

  • The energy needed

    Before installing the solar electric system you need to know the average amount of power needed to power your house depending on the electric devices and appliances used and the number of people living in your household, this will determine the number of solar panels you need, the lesser the energy definitely means less solar panels needed.

  • Roof type

    Houses have different roof types, therefore the type of the roof is an important aspect to consider before installing the panels, some roof types make it a bit difficult to install solar panels and might require extra costs, but generally, solar panels can be installed on any root type, the roof should also be included for maximum exposure to sunlight.

  • Location

    The solar electric system is highly dependent on the energy from the sunlight, the more the panels are exposed to sunlight the more efficient the energy produced will be. Therefore the region where you live is a crucial factor in determining the efficiency of solar power, ensure the solar panels are exposed to sunlight.

  • Duration of your stay

    You need to consider how long you are going to live in your house, if it is a permanent residence or you don’t plan to relocate sooner, then investing in a solar electric system is a great sustainable option for you, however, if you are always on the move, a solar system might not be the best option.

  • Permits

    Building permits are usually given at the local municipality of your area, ensure that you follow the necessary regulations during the installation process to avoid being fined.


Solar Electric System for Your Residential Home in Kenya | cleaning of solar panels in Kenya


Tips on how to maintain Solar Electric Systems for Your Residential Home in Kenya

Typically solar panels do not require much maintenance once installed other than periodic cleaning and keeping them free from shadows. They only need maintenance two to four times a year. below are some of the maintenance practices recommended

  • Avoid shading   

    Once the panels have been installed you need to ensure shades do not come up such as growing trees which will reduce the energy produced by the system.]

  • Monitor performance

    You need to conduct daily checks to ensure the inverter display is working correctly, also keep a record of the daily system’s output to monitor the performance of the system.

  • Clean the panels

    -Clean the solar panels to maximize the energy output, using a soft cloth or rag with soap clean the glass on the panes to remove dirt and dust.


solar electric system in kenya


For the solar electric system to return your initial investment and save you significant amounts of money you must tend to it with proper care and maintenance. Although solar maintenance is more DIY-friendly, professional solar maintenance and cleaning should be considered at least twice a year to ensure the system is in top-notch condition throughout.

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