An Ultimate Guide To Residential Automatic Windows in Kenya

Automatic windows in smart homes are the epitome of convenience. By simply pressing a button .or using your voice and remote control you can easily open and close the windows in your own comfort without having to get up from where you are. Let’s first have a look at how these automatic windows in kenya operate.

How do automatic windows work in Kenya?

Automatic windows in smart homes operate by having window openers that operate with the help of window actuators. The window actuators are the operating mechanism behind the automation. Pressing a button on the remote or using a voice command, sends a signal to the actuator which then opens or closes the window depending on the command.


types of window actuators in kenya

Operating mechanisms for Automatic windows in kenya

The type of process involved during opening and closing varies according to the type of automatic window opener being used. These window openers function using three different operating mechanisms which include:

  • Chan window actuators

    This type of actuator is usually fitted on vertical windows. Chain actuators are available in single and double chains, whereby the double chains are more suited to wider windows that need more than one push to open properly.

  • Linear window actuators

    This type of opener is more suited to heavy windows and roof lights because they generate enough force to lift the vent. An extendable rod that has been attached to the window is fitted on a track. As the rod receives power from a motor it begins to extend thus opening the window.

  • Rack & pinion window actuators

    This type of opener operates by converting rotational movement to linear movement. The pinion is a circular gear that receives power from the motor causing it to rotate and convert the movement to linear motion.


Automatic window openers in kenya |  automatic windows in kenya

Importance of automatic windows in Kenya.

  • Smart integrations

    – Automatic windows are an important component in a smart home, some automatic window openers are compatible with smart thermostats and cooperate to know when the window should be opened or closed depending on the programming done. Some models also have rain and wind sensors that will close the windows automatically.

  • Convenience

     Automatic windows offer ultimate convenience to homeowners by saving them the energy of having to manually open or close them every day. This is especially convenient for those who can’t move freely from one place to another, all they have to do is just press a button or send a voice command.

  • Hard-to-reach windows

     Do you have hard-to-reach windows that you cant take full advantage of? Automatic windows will save your life when you have very high ceilings in your residential home and hard-to-reach windows. With these windows, you do not have to deny yourself the luxury of having high windows because you can open and close them remotely.

  • Ventilation 

    Opening windows in your home helps remove foul smells and avoid molds hence why proper ventilation is crucial. Automatic windows help improving and boosting the proper ventilation of your house.

  • Safety

    Automatic windows can actually add to your safety and that of your family members if mounted and secured properly. You no longer have to endanger yourselves trying to reach for the high windows which can be quite dangerous.


Homeowners always strive to make their living spaces as cozy and comfortable as possible. With the added convenience of smart technology and automation, the idea of homecoming takes a whole new meaning. All you need to do is just integrate the automatic windows in kenya with the smart control technology and leaving your comfort to close or open windows will be a thing of the past.


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