A Complete Guide To Automatic Doors in Kenya

Development over the recent years in technology and home automation systems, automatic doors have helped create hands-free entrances and exits. These offer convenience, security, and a seamless entry experience to homeowners and visitors, These doors work by having a sensor that detects when the door is required to open and sends a signal to the door opening mechanism which then opens the door using an electric motor. Automatic doors in Kenya also come together with automatic locks and remotes as well.

Motion Detecting sensors in kenya

Sensors used for automatic doors in Kenya.

Automatic doors work by using sensors that detect when the door needs to open, these sensors can either be;

  • Motion detection and optical sensors

    Automatic doors mostly use motion-detecting sensors to operate, these sensors use either microwave pulses or passive infrared (PIR)sensors to detect movement.

  • Pressure sensors

     These sensors work by detecting the changes in pressure or weight to detect when the door needs to open, these sensors are installed as mats or pads on the ground.

  • Access control or video intercom system

     This system is used mostly in homes with smart home technology whereby the door relies on the signal from an access control system, the signal comes from a smartphone or a device programmed with access control, a keycard, or a fob.


sliding revolving doors in kenya


  • Sliding doors

    This door type is the most commonly used and popular type of automatic door. Judging from the name this door type just slides to allow entry. They can be used internally or externally as a single or bi-parting

  • Swinging doors

    Swinging automatic doors are used in one-way traffic, which means that they only allow entry or exit at once. Swing doors can further be divided into;low-energy swing door-This door requires no safety sensors and only requires gentle movement to open and close, it works on low energy and is the most cost-effective option. It opens slowly

  •  semi-automatic swing door

           This door works by using higher forces and results in quicker operation, it works with safety sensors and push pads.

  •          fully automatic swing doors

Fully automatic swing doors operate on greater forces and work at faster speeds. They use safety sensors to detect motion     

  • Folding doors

    This door type works by folding itself until it gives enough space for entry. Aside from being elegant this type of automatic door is usually suitable for saving space and is considered where space might be an issue. These doors are available in a single or bi-fold

  • Revolving doors

    Automatic revolving doors are aesthetically pleasing and enhance the appearance of a building, these doors allow both entry and exit at once, these doors can also be used in providing airlocks to save energy

swinging and revolving automatic doors in kenya


Picking the perfect and suitable automatic door for your smart home in Kenya can be a bit hard especially when there is plenty of options to select from. You need to be aware of the specific requirements of your automatic doors and select the types that satisfy your needs and personal preferences.

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