Complete Guide To Smart Home Automation Systems For Residential Homes in Kenya

With the significant increase in the number of smart home automation systems in kenya available and the wide range of brands selling smart devices, creating a smart home ecosystem can be quite overwhelming. For your smart home ecosystem to function properly you require an automation motor. Home automation, therefore, refers to the motor of the smart home, it is the software on which your hub runs to connect all your smart products letting you set automation, schedules, and routines and control them. 

Home automation is a method of controlling home appliances automatically for the convenience of users.



It is very essential to select the most appropriate home automation system that suits your needs because the choice of the system determines how your smart home runs and how it looks. It also determines which smart devices or appliances you need to purchase. Let’s first have a look at the commonly available home automation systems.

types of home automation systems | Smart home automation systems in kenya

Smart home automation systems in kenya

  • Google Home automation system

Google home is the best home automation system for google’s ecosystem, it is actually among the best home automation systems. The application is easy to navigate and gives a view of everything connected to google home. It works by having starters that trigger the action and the actions are a result of the trigger. For example;” hey google, let’s cook” to turn on the kitchen lights and fan and maybe play some kitchen music. The google home automation system has a great user interface, reliable voice assistant, and strong automation power, the only drawback of this system is that it doesn’t have much support from other brands yet.

  • Smart things automation system

When choosing a smart home automation system you need to select one that is suitable for your needs, is user-friendly, and very compatible with the smart devices and appliances that you intend to use. Smart things is the best overall home automation system because it is compatible with all devices. Apart from its high support from other brands,smart things feature a very easy, and straightforward navigation of the app. The application comes with galaxy smartphones but is also available for download on both the google play store and apple store. Smart things also allow you to add voice controls like google assistant or Amazon Alexa on the app letting you see how to go about your washer or dishwasher right from your mobile device from the comfort of wherever you are. The only con of smart things is that it is not compatible with Siri.

  • Amazon Alexa automation system

Voice control happens to form a huge part of a home automation system, the right voice assistant can make or break your smart home so it is important to have a voice assistant that correctly understands your commands and responds appropriately to them. Amazon Alexa is the best home automation system for voice control and Alexa is the most accurate in her responses and the most popular voice assistant. setting up the app is pretty easy and you can add devices to customize your home. The only disadvantage of the amazon Alexa automation system is that the app is not user-friendly.

  • Apple home kit

The apple home kit is the best home automation system for apple users and is apple’s system for smart home automation. This system runs on a homepod mini or apple tv 4k hub. The home kit app resembles the smart things app however it is more user-friendly and with a simpler design. Its automation power has significantly improved in recent years and automation can be added to the home app easily. However,homekit is limited to devices that are compatible with it because of the strict data security and consumer policies of apple. Another disadvantage is that it has no geofencing to unlock doors automatically.

smart things home automation system in kenya


Selecting the most appropriate home automation system certainly trickles down to your specific smart home needs and personal preferences. Smart things takes the highest spot as the best home automation system due to its simplified user interface making it easy for average smart home enthusiasts to come on board.

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