The Ultimate Guide On How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets For Your Residential Home in Kenya

Kitchen cabinets are dominantly the decorative feature showcasing the design aesthetic of the kitchen, Choosing the right cabinetry for your kitchen space goes beyond just aesthetics. The overall workflow and accessibility of your kitchen depend on your choice of kitchen cabinets. You, therefore, need to consider the critical storage space. Arriving at the best choice for your kitchen cabinetry can prove to be quite tricky, Nonetheless, in this ultimate guide, we will provide some expert tips to help you navigate this dutiful task of finding kitchen cabinets For your residential home in Kenya.


How to choose the right kitchen cabinets in Kenya for your home.

As you decide which cabinets are the best for your home, here are some factors to keep in mind.

  • The kitchen style

    You want to choose complimentary cabinetry that will match the style of your kitchen. Modern and traditional are the common kitchen styles .your chosen cabinets definitely should match the kitchen style and color scheme while complementing your kitchen interior.

  • The cabinet material

    Choose cabinets made from ideal high-quality materials. your personal needs and preference should guide you into choosing the ideal material from a wide variety of kitchen cabinet materials. hardwood tends to be the best quality option.

  • Aesthetics and functionality

    Strive to achieve both aesthetics and functionality at the same time. think about storage and organization in terms of functionality, while aesthetics is about the design style, and color finish enhancing the look and feel of your space.

  • Cabinet hardware

    Cabinet handles, knobs, and pulls contribute to the overall look of the cabinets, choose the right hardware for you from the extensive range of styles and finishes. The hardware choice plays a vital role in making the kitchen look beautiful and stylish.

  • Budget

    Establish the budget of how much you are willing to spend on the kitchen cabinetry, once you have an idea then you will be better equipped to make choices on the extensive range of options within your budget. You may want to consider basic cabinets if you are on a tight budget or high-end cabinets if you are willing to spend more.

  • Cabinet design

    With the right cabinetry, a kitchen, and the whole, in general, can be made to look like a million ringgit, the cabinet design is typically determined by the door style of the cabinet, it is, therefore, critical to select the appropriate door style from the wide variety.


Types of kitchen cabinets in Kenya


  1. Shaker cabinets

    This is the most popular kitchen cabinet style because of the simple and classic look they offer. They have flat-paneled doors with rail frames.

  2. Flat panel or slab cabinets

    Flat panels are simply solid slabs used as kitchen cabinet doors, the appearance of these kitchen cabinets is minimalistic and makes a great fit for the modern kitchen style

  3. Beadboard cabinets

    These cabinets comprise of rows of vertical planks with ridges known as beads, these kitchen cabinets offer a more dynamic look than other styles. They are a perfect fit for a farmhouse or cottage-style kitchen.

  4. Thermofoil cabinets

    Thermofoil kitchen cabinets are molded out of medium-density fiberboards. the material is then wrapped in a plastic coating and baked under it to seal it, this process then forms durable cost-effective kitchen cabinetry. Although these cabinets are low maintenance and moisture resistant, they have poor heat resistance.


thermoil and beadboard kitchen cabinets

Bottom line

The best kitchen cabinets depend largely on your taste and personal preference, not forgetting the functional requirements of your kitchen, shaker cabinets happen to be the most popular while solid wood is the most durable material for the cabinets. 

The decision-making process now is simplified and solely depends on you now that you are an expert in kitchen cabinet styles, materials, and types.

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