A Complete Guide To Residential Home Automation Applications in Kenya

Home automation can be applied in a wide variety of applications and features. There is no limit to the functionality you achieve in your smart home with the right smart home technology and expertise. Basically, anything that runs on electricity can be automated in a smart home you just need to identify the functionality outcome you want so that you can set the right trigger or command. Despite not being tech-savvy and considering yourself well-informed about recent technology, it is very unlikely to have missed the home automation applications in kenya and products that are filling store shelves.

With the incorporation of home automation systems, home revolution is likely to become an evolution with homes being automated through smart devices.

Below are some of the most commonly used home automation applications in kenya 

Residential Home automation applications in Kenya.

  • Lighting control 

With innovation and technological improvements, we are slowly leaving the dark ages and stepping into the light. home automation systems  are applied in lighting control whereby you can control the switches, blinds, and lamps

  • Automatic lights

You can program the lights and schedule the automatic times to turn on and off at a preferred brightness and timing. Motion sensors  are also used to turn on lights when a person enters a room, this technology is mostly used in hallways, corridors, or staircase spaces

  • Automatic blinds

Automation systems are also used to close and open the blinds automatically, whereby the sensors can detect the temperature and brightness of a room and automatically open or close blinds to optimize the temperatures and brightness required.


Automatic HVAC system in kenya

  • HVAC regulation

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is another successful application of home automation systems, with the rise in fuel and energy costs, heating and cooling our homes efficiently on a budget is a necessity. automated home heating systems and smart thermostats are being incorporated into smart homes. The nest learning thermostat studies home heating and cooling preferences with time and in return eliminates the need for programming. It’s also accessible on the app.


smart security cameras in kenya | home automation applications in kenya


  • Security systems

Improved security is another application of home automation systems and has proven to be of great impact when it comes to the enhancement of the security of the smart home. From security cameras, smart door locks, to motion sensors, the safety of the homeowners has been improved significantly.

  a. Security cameras

smart security cameras detect motion automatically outside the house and instantly send you notifications and real-time images and videos of anyone trying to access the house, you can be able to assess the situation and call the authorities in the case of intruders. Smart cameras like CCTV can also help you monitor the premises throughout even when you are away.

b. Automatic door locks

We also have automatic doors as an application of home automation systems. Sensors can detect the connected devices when you get home and automatically unlock the front door or the gate for you. unlocking the front door can also activate other connected systems like lighting, heating, or music. This system only recognizes people who have access to it.


  • Irrigation systems

Home automation systems can also be applied in irrigation systems whereby the automated sprinklers are scheduled to water. Whenever there is rain the sprinklers automatically detect the saturation levels and automatically disable the scheduled watering and vice versa detects dry levels and schedules for watering.

Wrap up

How these home automation applications work hand in hand together in simplifying the life of homeowners making it easy and more efficient is the main key to creating a smart home. Converting your home into a smart home is definitely more than just the implementation of new technology. Home is definitely where the smart is.

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