An Ultimate Guide To Residential Kitchen Designs in Kenya

The kitchen is more than just the cooking area or a place where meals are made in a house, it is the heart of the home. Therefore, the kitchen design needs to be carefully thought about. When it comes to the kitchen we have two options to choose from, that is; closed vs open plan kitchens. Let’s have a quick look at the kitchen designs in Kenya.

Open kitchen designs

An open kitchen concept refers to a kitchen without walls separating it from the rest of the house, it may extend into a dining or living room, these kitchens are popular in modern homes with little to no distinction between the kitchen areas and the living area on the same floor.

Pros of an open kitchen design in kenya

Thanks to its positive attributes the open kitchen has won the hearts of many homeowners and professional kitchen designers. Here are some of the pros of the open kitchen;

  • Efficient use of space

     An open kitchen can make a small space feel bigger and also make room for a kitchen island which you can use as an informal dining space.

  • Efficient airflow and natural light

    An open kitchen allows for maximum natural Light and efficient airflow.

  • Unified overall design

    Open kitchens extend into the living room space, which gives you space to add designs that complement the rest of the house 

  • A perfect gathering area

    Some open kitchens feature a kitchen island with long tops and bar stools where guests or household members can gather and chat while waiting for food to be ready.

Cons of an open kitchen design in kenya

  • Less storage

     Open kitchens tend to have fewer kitchen cabinets despite offering more counter space, you may need to get more storage space or the open kitchen might end up being impractical.

  • Need for tidiness

    An open kitchen may require more tidiness compared to the closed one because it is visible from other parts of the house and might make the adjacent spaces feel messy by association.

  • Amplified design choices

     Because the open kitchen is visible to other parts of the house, you might need to choose your kitchen appliances carefully to match the kitchen ideas with the rest of the house.


Open Kitchen in Kenya

Closed kitchen designs 

Just like the name suggests a closed kitchen is a space that is enclosed from the rest of the house, these kitchens are common in old houses and apartments.

Some homeowners however prefer closed kitchens to open ones, here is why;

Pros of a closed kitchen design in kenya 

  • Privacy

    A separate kitchen that does not extend into the living room gives you a dedicated space and the privacy you need to do your work.

  • Plenty of storage

      A closed kitchen provides more kitchen cabinetry which comes in handy in providing lots of storage space to store your appliances and food products.

  • Freedom with design

    Unlike the open kitchen, a closed kitchen gives one the freedom to experiment with designs without worrying if they match perfectly with the adjacent spaces or not. you can take more chances in a closed-plan kitchen.

Cons of a closed kitchen design in kenya

  • Inefficient use of space

    The partitioning walls that separate a closed kitchen from the rest of the house might not maximize the full potential of the house. the walls also limit the flow of air and natural light in a closed kitchen.

  • Minimal dining space

    Closed kitchens lack enough space for dining


closed kitchen designs in kenya


Bottom line

Both models have their own tradeoffs. It is therefore up to you to carefully evaluate your needs and personal preference in order to make a choice between the two kitchen models and which one will perfectly suit your residential home.

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