A Quick Guide To Residential HVAC Systems in Kenya

Thinking of installing an HVAC system for your home? You are definitely in the right place. In this quick guide, we are going to take you through everything you need to know about HVAC systems in kenya before purchasing and installing them in your residential home. Let’s start off by understanding what this system is.

What is an HVAC system?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system, this is an all-in-one system that is installed in your building to ensure there is proper and good quality airflow, and general comfort to the occupants, it works by circulating air indoors and exhausting it outside of the building.HVAC systems work to control the climate of the area that they are placed in, in addition to heating and cooling, this system’s main feature is ventilation which works to ensure that the air quality inside the building is good and has adequate amounts of oxygen and is free from toxic gases.

Types of residential HVAC systems in kenya.

  • Central heating and air conditioner split systems

    This system works to centralize the climate control of the entire house, the rooms have similar settings for temperatures and humidity, the settings can also be customized using a smart thermostat.

  • Package units HVAC system 

    This system is smaller than the centralized unit but is capable of cooling a larger area, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors, however, the outdoor one is the most commonly used because it is easier to maintain.

  • Ductless split HVAC systems

    This system is installed with the intention of heating or cooling a specific room and not the entire house,it is the most commonly used system. The unit is attached to the wall and the compressor and condenser are placed outside.

  • Window-type HVAC system

    This is the easiest-to-install system, it is used for smaller specific areas, the cooling coils and compressors are part of a single housing and the parts can not be separated into indoor or outdoor parts.


Smart Sensors and thermostats in kenya | HVAC systems in kenya

Sensors for HVAC systems in kenya

For these systems to operate and function efficiently, sensors are a key component. Automatic HVAC  systems work with the help of smart sensors and smart thermostats. The sensors are capable of measuring temperature, humidity and air pressure while the smart thermostat like the nest learning thermostat studies the heating and cooling preferences of a home and automates the process ensuring the right temperatures are maintained.


Ductless Split System in Kenya

Factors to consider when purchasing  HVAC systems in Kenya

  • Maintenance requirements

     these systems often require regular maintenance in order to have optimal performance, so when purchasing this system you need to select a low-maintenance and cost-effective system.

  • Sound

    HVAC systems tend to be quite noisy when operating, you, therefore, need to properly consult your contractor to help with which type is perfect for the noise tolerance level of your home

  • Size

    Having an oversized or undersized system will limit its efficiency, you, therefore, need to consult the contractor to tell you which size is appropriate for your residential home.

  • Capacity

    Select a system that has the capacity to cool and heat your home efficiently

  • Efficiency

     HVAC systems have a rating system that indicates the efficiency of the system. Different types have different efficiency, so ensure you select the system with high efficiency for your house.

  • Price

      As much as you should buy an HVAC  system within your budget, consider  other factors such as durability and energy efficiency as well, remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the best

  • Compatibility

     For automatic HVAC systems ensure that you purchase a system that is compatible with the smart programmable thermostat that you intend to use. This allows you to control your heating and cooling virtually from anywhere.


Installing  HVAC systems in Kenya is a vast investment that you would not want to mess with, The most important part of the process is the installation, the installation process is quite crucial so you need to ensure the contractor doing the job is highly professional.

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