A Simple Guide To Residential Kitchen Cabinet Materials in Kenya

Kitchen cabinets form the backbone of the kitchen and make the most use of the kitchen size and floor plan by providing storage space. wall cabinets today extend to the ceiling making maximum use of the high-up space for storing. The most challenging task in designing the kitchen is arguably choosing the right residential kitchen cabinet materials in Kenya from materials, types, and layout, finding yourself in a state of a dilemma is relatively easy

The multiple cabinet styles, designs, and materials make the whole decision-making process even harder.

In this simple guide, we will guide you on some of the best kitchen cabinet materials in Kenya to choose from when selecting one for your home. This will help you choose them correctly.

Picking the best material for the kitchen cabinets will automatically set the functional tone and the overall style of the kitchen space. The materials will definitely determine the durability, strength, lifespan, and maintenance of the cabinets.


Best  residential kitchen cabinet materials in kenya

  1. Solid wood

    -One of the popular materials for kitchen cabinets is solid wood, solid wood is known for its versatility, durability, natural beauty, and strength, and solid wood material can match a wide range of looks and styles. of the premium wood for kitchen cabinets, maple wood is known for its uniform appearance and hardiness.

  2. High-density fiberboard(HDF)

    High-density fiberboard is an engineered wood variant, made with wood fibers mixed with resins and glue to provide the hardness and appearance of wood cabinets. it is denser than solid wood though less expensive.

  3. Laminate

    -Laminate is a surface material that affixes to plywood, it is a resin combined with paper and the desired design, color or pattern pressed together under heat, the quality of laminate determines the price, strength, and the tendency to peel, high-pressure laminate(HPL) cracks and peels less than low-pressure laminate(LPL)

  4. Medium-density fiberboard(MDF)

    MDF is often used as a substrate for cabinet surface layers like laminate and veneer. its also used as an inner layer for engineered wood cabinets, drawers, and shelves. medium density fiberboard is made with less pressure therefore it is less dense than high-density fiberboard.

  5. Plywood

     Plywood is made up of layers of thinly sliced wood slabs layered in opposite directions and bonded together with adhesive, the different grades of plywood determine its durability, price, and appearance.

  6. Wood veneer

     Wood veneer makes it possible to achieve the look of solid wood cabinets without incurring the cost, wood veneer is a thin strip of solid hardwood peeled from a log and then attached to plywood or MDF to create wood-like panels. The thin and lightweight wood veneers present a wood face finish.

  7. Particle board

    particle board is known for working best with drawer boxes it refers to a low-density fiberboard made by pressing wood particles (sawdust, chips, etc)together into sheets with resins and create a finished look, particle board is usually topped up with veneer or laminate.



Given the variety of kitchen cabinet materials in kenya, selecting and buying kitchen cabinets within your budget is achievable. a good way to get more bang for your buck around cabinet purchasing is to get ready to assemble  cabinets  as they are more affordable than pre-assembled cabinets

The awareness and knowledge around these materials will come in handy to help you. You also need to remember that a little more money upfront may save you more and less stress down the line.

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