Guide To a Residential House Painting in Kenya

It is every homeowner’s dream to have their house look very aesthetically pleasing and stand out from other houses. One of the many ways of realizing this dream is by painting the house. Buildings have become more magnificent since the invention of paint which has revolutionized the construction industry in Kenya. Let’s dive into residential house painting in kenya.


Why do you need painting for a residential house in Kenya

    • Protect the house from the effects of weather

      painting the exterior of your house does more than just beautifying it, quality exterior paint acts as a protection layer, protecting the building from the elements of weather like rain and sunlight.

    • Aesthetics Value

      Painting the exterior of a building increases the aesthetic value of the building which can be a great benefit if added to its resale value.

  • For increased house lifespan

    Painting your house can increase its lifespan by adding a few years to it. paint can also repair damages  sustained  and protect it from further damage


Types of decorative paints in Kenya. 

There are different types of decorative paint which have been outlined in this guide:

  • Emulsion water-based paint

    This type of paint is very durable because of its waterproof nature, it is mostly used to paint ceilings and walls. it comes with a variety of finishes like silk, glossy, matt, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss, among others. Despite being easy to apply and waterproof, this paint type is expensive  compared to oil-based paint and it dries slowly

  • Oil-based paint

    This is the most preferred type of paint because it is more affordable compared to others, it is however difficult to apply compared to others. it contains synthetic oil in it

  • Floor paints

    This paint type is very durable and can last up to more than thirty years, it is also very affordable and easily available. its main disadvantage is that it absorbs stains easily.

  • Roof paints

    You can purchase plain roof sheets and paint them with the most attractive color of your choice to prevent the roof from rusting, leaking and extend its life. this paint type is very affordable and can be bought in many different colors. its only disadvantage is that due to weather changes, it can lose its thickness.

  • Textured finishes special effects paint

    This type of paint provides an extraordinary look and is mostly preferred on dry walls. This paint is heavy in consistency and contains sand grain and gypsum. Because of the materials, it’s made of, this paint is very durable and strong.


Types of paints in kenya


When choosing the paint type to use for your residential house, you need to consider the following factors to help you select the suitable one that meets your needs:

  • Durability

    When selecting a paint type, pick the most durable one that will serve you for a prolonged period of time. the shinier the paint, the better it will stand wipings and scrubbing.

  • Ceiling finishes

    For the ceiling finishes it’s recommended to use glossy paint so that it can reflect light into the space. Ensure to use quality paint that will not crack.

  • Surface imperfections

    If the surface you want to paint has a lot of imperfections like holes, it is advisable to use less glossy paint which will mask the imperfections and have our surface looking smooth.

  • Room Traffic

    it is important to consider the exact space being painted and the amount of traffic it encounters. busy rooms like the kitchens require more durable paint finishes like satin and semi-gloss, while lesser traffic rooms like the living and dining need matte or eggshell paint finishes.


Paint finishes in kenya


In conclusion, it is important to note that the type of paint you select can have a great impact on the character of the space painted and the vibe it will bring.

However, it is not just about picking a color and having it painted on the house, selecting and hiring a professional to do the job right does magic to achieve the best results for painting your residential house in Kenya.

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