A Complete Guide to Types of Showers for Residential Homes in Kenya

The shower is an essential part of the bathroom for personal hygiene, showers do more than just cleanse the body, they also aid in relaxation and setting your mood and mind right. The wide range of variety of shoer types might be overwhelming when one is looking to purchase showers. There are certain attributes that you should consider which will determine the types of showers for residential homes in Kenya. They include;

  • Plumbing and water heating system-identifying your water system is quite essential in deciding which shower to pick. If you have a hot water and cold water tank that pre-heats the water fast then you can choose the mixer or power showers, you are not limited to the shower type, however, if you do not have a pre-water heating system like a boiler, then you are only restricted to electric showers.
  • Water pressure-you also need to know the water pressure of your plumbing system at home, there are choices suitable for both low and high-pressure systems.

Types of showers for residential homes in Kenya.

  • Electric showers

if you want to have an instant hot shower, then electric showers are ideal for you. The electric shower is one of the most versatile shower options available and offers energy savings

This shower type can instantly heat water with an inbuilt heating element and works by mixing both cold and hot water to reach the preferred temperature

Key features of electric showers are that it; requires to have good water pressure from the mains or shower pump, and it is compact and easy to install. take note of the kW rating of the shower, the higher it is, the better the hot water flow will be.

Pros-saves energy  does not require pre-heated water,

Cons – relies on existing water pressure.

mixer showers in kenya | types of showers in Nairobi

  • Mixer showers

A mixer shower requires you to have an existing source of hot water either from a boiler, it then mixes the hot and cold water to the preferred temperature before sending it out to the shower head, mixer showers have a stronger water flow than electric ones and do not require electric power to run, they are purely mechanical.

Pros– good for large hot water tanks, they are more powerful

Cons-incase the boiler fails to heat water, the shower can not provide hot water

  • Power showers

Power showers are ideal for homes with low water pressure and tend to use more water compared to others. they also require both hot and cold water supplies. a power shower doesn’t have an electric heating element but takes water that is heated by a boiler and mixes it internally with cold boost the water flow rate it uses a pump

Pros increased flow rate hence a more powerful shower, cheaper and more convenient than a mixer because it has a pump.

Cons-uses more water

  • Digital and smart showers

For tech-savvy people, these showers are suitable for their smart homes. digital and smart showers offer precise temperature controls which can be set by a touch of a button. a digital shower controls the temperature and flow rate electrically while in smart showers it is done through a smart app, Alexa, or Google. it works like a mixer shower by taking hot water from the supply. Their stand-out feature is the control panel which displays water temperature and flow rate and also offers thermostatic valves. if you have a smart home you can customize the shower by syncing it with automation systems like Alexa or google home, which means you can control the shower with voice commands. There are different types of digital and smart showers.

Digital and smart showers in kenya | types of showers in Kenya


Before you choose the type of shower you want for your home you have to know the water pressure because it dictates the type of shower that is appropriate. For residential homes in Kenya, an electric shower is the most popular and recommended because it saves energy and heats water instantly.

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