A Quick Guide to Types of Windows For Residential Homes in Kenya

Windows offer more than just giving us a view of the world and letting natural lighting into the building. Windows differ from one another in shape,  the ventilation they provide, and of course cost. Natural lighting is one of the popular selling features for homes, so if you are looking to get a return on investment in the future you should be careful about the windows you invest in when constructing a residential house. Select window types that satisfy your natural lighting needs, function, and price as well as amplifying the aesthetics of your home. We will review the different types of windows for residential homes in Kenya. 

Types of Windows For Residential Homes in Kenya | bay windows

Types of windows for residential homes in Kenya.

Having knowledge of different window styles and their names will help you explain your vision of the house to the interior designer better. The different  types include;

  • Fixed windows

These types of windows do not open and are nonoperational. they are usually fixed in one position and are used for framing scenic views rather than for ventilation. They are also known as picture windows because they frame scenery. An awning window can be added above it to allow some ventilation in the room. Their main downside is that fixed windows are not energy efficient. the sunlight streaming in through the window might overheat the space.

  • Casement windows

With hinges on either side, these windows open outward, this opening mechanism makes them suitable for varying ventilation needs.

  • Double and single-hung windows

Double-hung windows have two movable panes which are not fixed allowing upward or downward movement, due to this, they are easier to clean and better for proper ventilation. Single-hung windows on the other hand have one operational panel which opens from the bottom half and might not offer as much ventilation as the double-hung window.

  • Bay windows

Bay windows offer a blend of both functionality and design features. by protruding from the house to the outside they create a bay on the inside, as such they allow a lot of natural light while being very aesthetically pleasing.

  • Sliding windows

Sliding windows work by one section sliding over the other allowing great airflow and sealing, instead of opening outwards these windows move horizontally. They are a good choice for narrow passageways, balconies, and compact spaces because they take up less space.

  • Skylights

These windows are built into the roof and are perfect for stargazing at night and letting sunlight in during the day. Roof lanterns as window styles can only be used in independent homes.


Types of Windows For Residential Homes in Kenya | skylight windows

How to choose the best window styles for your residential home in Kenya.

Below is a selection criterion to help you select the suitable window types for your residential home in Kenya.

  • The direction of the wind 

    Locate the direction from which the wind is flowing from and place the window there to ensure enough air circulation in the space. south facing windows can help shield you from the sun.

  • Utility of the room

    Different rooms of the house require different window types. living spaces and bedrooms benefit from bigger windows for views while bathrooms and kitchens only require functional types.

  • Aesthetics 

    Choose windows that complement the interior design and style of your house.

  • Location of the room

    Go for bigger windows if the room sits at a good angle of light and views.

  • Size of the room

     Bigger windows consume a lot of space, if the size of the room is small go for sliding or pivot windows.

  • Climatic conditions

    Consider the climatic conditions of the area you live in. select window styles that keep the house cool if you live in hot regions and vice versa.


Double Hung windows in kenya

Wrap up

The type of windows you install in your home can significantly transform your space. Whether you want to just illuminate your residential home in Kenya or improve the aesthetic of your space, there are tons of options to select from depending on your style and budget.

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