Guide to Types of Toilets for Residential Homes in Kenya

Toilets are available in an extensive range of designs from wall-hung, closed couple to high-level toilets. Picking the right type of toilet for your bathroom can be quite tricky especially if there is a variety of options to choose from and you need help knowing where to start. In this quick guide we will provide you with some expert tips to help you during your hunting process, but before that; Let’s first have a look at the types of toilets for residential homes in Kenya that are available in the market;

What are the different types of toilets in Kenya?

back to wall toilet in kenya | types of toilets in kenya

  • Back-to-wall toilet

    – This toilet type is designed to be positioned against the wall with the cistern and pipework hidden. only the toilet pan is visible. back to wall toilets are designed to use minimal space while creating a modern fitted look as the cistern and pipework are concealed from view ensuring a neat finish.

Advantages-uses minimal space

  • Close coupled toilet

    – This is the most popular toilet type because it is available in a wide range of styles and it is easy to install. the cistern is directly attached to the toilet pan which is mounted on the floor. it is available in both modern and traditional styles.

Advantages, easy to install, a wide range of styles, suitable for most bathrooms

  • Wall-hung toilet

      Balancing between design and space in the bathroom can be quite challenging but wall-hung toilets provide the solution. this toilet type is mounted on the wall instead of the floor. the toilet pan floats a few inches from the floor creating the illusion of a larger bathroom and making cleaning easier. the cistern is fitted and concealed on the wall and is accessible through the flush, wall-hung toilets are a great option for adding a contemporary style to your bathroom.

Advantages– maximises space is easy to clean and creates a contemporary look.

  • High-level toilet

      This toilet type is ideal for creating a traditional look whereby the cistern is fitted at a high level of the wall and connected to the pan through a long chrome flush pipe. the toilet is operated by a long chain pull

  • Low-level toilet

     A low-level toilet is whereby the cistern is fitted at a low level on the wall and is connected to the toilet pan by a chrome flush pipe. the toilet is operated by a lever flush. the toilet must be fitted on a solid or reinforced wall. also an ideal option for a traditional look.

Wall hung toilets in kenya


Things to consider when choosing toilets in Kenya.

  • The available space

    You need to consider the available space in your bathroom. if you have a wider space then lucky for you have plenty of options to choose from, however, if you have a smaller bathroom then select space-saving toilets like corner toilets.

  • Bathroom Style

     Determining the style of your bathroom will help you decide to choose a toilet type that enhances the design of the space, high and low-level toilets are suitable for traditional authentic style while a closed couple toilet is an ideal option for a modern look. wall-hung toilets create a contemporary style.

  • Toilet Flushing system

    Choose a toilet with a powerful flushing system, that is easy to maintain and minimizes water consumption 

  • Toilet Color

    The color of your toilet plays a vital role in the look and feel of your bathroom. the color can shift the tone and enhance the style by creating contrast or seamless integration.

  • Toilet height

    You need to consider the needs of the users of the toilets or plan for future anticipation for example you can select taller than average height toilets for people with a difficulty in sitting or standing.

High level toilets in kenya | types of toilets in kenya

Bottom line

Consider your personal needs, preferences, and requirements in order to identify the most appropriate toilet type for you. always seek help from an expert or professional when undertaking the plumbing work and installation

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