Complete Guide To Paint Prices In Kenya

Are you almost at the tail-end of your construction? Or perhaps, your house needs a fresh paint job and you just aren’t sure how much paint costs in Kenya? Don’t worry. With paint, there’s always something for every budget. But majorly, it all comes down to your taste, type of paint, and paint brand. With this paint price guide, you’ll have all the information you need on paint prices in kenya.

But first, let’s look at the two main categories of paint in Kenya and how much they cost.

Categories of Paint and The Average Paint Prices in Kenya

Paints Prices In Kenya | Types of paints in kenya

Generally, there are two types of paint:

  • Gloss paints
  • Matt paints

Gloss paints

  • Average price range – Ksh. 2,800 – Ksh. 3,600 for 4 litres

Ever seen a shiny paint finish on a wall? That must’ve probably been a gloss paint job. Gloss paints have a sheen to them and are therefore quite reflective. Because of their glossy spreads, gloss paints are highly resistant to smudges and stains and are easy to clean. For the aforementioned reason, gloss paints are befitting for high human traffic areas or areas prone to stains, e.g. kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, etc.

Matt paints

  • Average price range – Ksh. 1,800 – Ksh. 3,600


Matt paints are water-based paints that have a more muted finish to them. Because of their subtleness, matt paints are not as reflective as gloss paints. This also makes them quite susceptible to smudges. In addition, matt paints are great for hiding imperfections on surfaces. Add this to the fact that they emit almost no reflection, and you’d see why they’re ideal for interior walls and ceilings.

How Much Do Top Kenyan Paint Brands Compare in Wall Paint Prices in Kenya?

Top Kenyan Paint Brands

Top kenyan paint brands

You’re better off getting your paint from reputable Kenyan paint brands. This way you get high-grade paint that lasts a while and offers value for your money.


Some renowned Kenyan paint brands include:

  • Crown paints

  • Royal paints

  • Solai paints

  • Basco paints

  • Kansai Plascon paints

  • Glory paints

Here’s how wall paint prices compare amongst top Kenyan paint brands:


Crown paints Gloss


Ksh. 2,940

Ksh. 2,664

Royal paints Gloss


Ksh. 2,815

Ksh. 2,440

Basco paints Gloss


Ksh. 3,570

Ksh. 3,330

Solai paints Gloss


Ksh. 1,800

Ksh. 1,850

Kansai Plascon Gloss


Ksh. 2,810

Ksh. 2,415


Conclusion – How Much Do Paints Cost In Kenya?

In sum, the general costs of matt and gloss paints in Kenya range from Ksh. 1,800 to Ksh. 3,600 for every 4 litres of paint. You can directly get your paint from top supplier websites or factories. However, you’d still find household paint brands or other cheaper brands in regular hardware stores. But first, before you decide on painting, you might want to check out our guide to painting a residential house in Kenya.

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