A Guide to Steel Doors in Kenya

Steel doors in Kenya are a security measure that is very popular, especially in residential homes and in some commercial buildings. Not only do they give security, but they also add beauty and uniqueness to your home with various designs.  

This article will guide you on the information you need before installing or even purchasing steel doors in Kenya. 

Cost of steel doors in Kenya

Steel doors are a popular choice for homes and businesses because of their durability and strength. However, the cost of them varies depending on the size and style of the door. Some factors that affect the price of it include the thickness of the metal.

A single steel door goes for Ksh 20,500, while a double steel door goes for Ksh 29,000. The average price of steel doors is from $200 to $1000. If you’re looking for a steel door for your home or business, it is essential to compare prices and get quotes from multiple companies before purchasing. This allows you to get the best deal for your door. 

Best Places to buy Steel doors in Kenya

1.  Jua Kali Products

Jua kali steel doors price in Kenya | Jua kali steel doors in Kenya This is one of the most convenient places to find cheap yet top-quality metal works in Kenya. They are an online store that offers durable and customized products with minimal maintenance for years. 

2. EuroDoor Limited

EuroDoor Limited in kenya

Located along Old Mombasa Rd, brings in the best, most modern, and most durable doors from Europe. The doors are uniquely designed according to the latest and modern requirements, and they come in different designs and colors. They offer 

3. Steel Doors Kenya

steel doors Kenya | steel doors in kenyaLocated along Industrial Area, offer a variety of steel doors at affordable prices. They import, supply, and install high-quality products for their customer’s needs and safety.  

4. Skylark Construction Ltd

Skylark Construction ltdLocated in Kisumu, provides fabrication of not just steel doors, but windows and grills. They use specific materials such as prime galvanized and satin coats to ensure their products are prevented from moisture-related corrosion. 

5. Tujenge steel doors Kenya

tujenge steel doors kenyaLocated along Industrial area, they not only supply and install local and imported doors, but they also handle flooring and interior services. 

Advantages of steel doors in Kenya


  • Durability


When constructing residential homes or commercial buildings, the use of steel doors in Kenya is one of the best choices. The doors do not break or dent easily. It can be used high traffic areas and will last a long time. 


  • Low Maintenance


Steel is a sturdy and reliable material that requires little maintenance. It is difficult to dent or damage in any way and is unaffected by a barrage of erosion that comes from bad weather. Many types of steel doors are resistant to rust, galvanized steel is coated in zinc which prevents the rusting process. 


  • Security


Security is an everlasting concern. Due to that, having measures such as steel doors will make it difficult for intruders to break through. As a result, steel doors will keep your home and business safe. 


  • Cost Effective


Due to the fact that steel doors are highly durable, there will be little to no reason to change them as often. The low maintenance keeps the costs down and can be affordable to purchase. 


Steel doors in Kenya are primarily popular for their extraordinary function. Its aesthetic qualities, excellent functions, durability, and strength, have changed the construction and home renovation industry. 

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