Everything You Need To Know About Glass Partitioning in Kenya

Glass partitions are non-load-bearing panes of glass that make room dividers. Glass partition walls and room dividers are the modern option for dividing spaces both in commercial spaces and residential homes. Glass allows one to divide spaces in a stylish way through a quicker and easier process and are a wonderful product to use whether you’re looking to create privacy or separate spaces while keeping the flowing ambiance of an open concept design. Glass partition walls consist of vertical sheets of glass or glass alternatives installed to separate spaces or give privacy. The glass panels are mostly made of tampered glass and can be customized in regards to the panel dimensions, number of panels, and angles at which the panels meet each other. Glass partitioning in Kenya is fabricated to the appropriate size and installed into your space by glass professionals.

office glass partitioning in kenya

Advantages of using glass partitioning in Kenya 

  1. Ease of installation

    Glass partitions can be easily and quickly installed by glass professionals. There is no waiting for drywall to harden or paint to dry.

  2. Flexibility

    Glass walls can be opaque, transparent, or translucent giving you greater flexibility and more design options.

  3. Ease of removal

    Glass walls can be removed or moved to another space with ease when you need change, unlike other normal walls.

  4. Easy to clean

    Unlike normal walls, glass walls are easier to clean and do not absorb stains or smells giving your space modern elegance.

  5. Customization

    Glass can be customized in so many ways and tailored to your needs and preferences.

  6. Versatility

    Glass partition walls match any color scheme and you can choose glass styles that complement modern, traditional, or vintage styles and designs.


patterned glass in kenya

Types of glass partitioning in Kenya 

The diversity of glass options is what makes it easy to create the perfect wall or partition using glass. tempered glass is the most commonly used and is available in the following options.

  • Transparent glass

    Clear transparent glass is the popular choice since it creates separate spaces but doesn’t change the ambiance or visual flow of your is perfect for carving a second room in a larger business settings, clear cubicle dividers can boost productivity and integrity while having staff members with their own workspaces.

  • Tinted glass

    Color-tinted glass is another translucent option that provides a measure of privacy. They are created using standard technology and colored. This tinting method produces the desired shade across the surface while lowering reflectivity and absorbency

  • Patterned glass

    When you want to divider that offers privacy but doesn’t block light this is the best option for you. There are various subtle or bold designs that give the glass a texture and distinctive look.

  • Acoustic glass

    This is a specially reinforced glass type that offers better sound insulation than single-glazed, therefore a good option if you want to cut down the noise ad still keep that open plan feel.

  • Fireguard glass

    Fire protection is an important consideration when putting up glass walls. Fiberglass is an excellent choice for keeping your space bright and open without having to close off everything behind the fireboard and doors.


acoustic glass in kenya


Glass partitions in Kenya are an excellent, unique, and cost-effective way to build an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. Any glass partitions you install in Kenya must be complemented with a film- a safety precaution to prevent people from walking into the glass. The film might have a functional purpose but can also be creatively used to add an extra dimension to your interior glass walls.

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