How To Create an Efficient Office Design in Kenya

how to create an efficient office design in kenya

Office design is something every company has to address and the style you choose can ultimately speak a lot about your business. Designing an office is simply about creating a space that facilitates productive and purposeful work while leaving room for creativity and personalization, office design has a significant impact on behavior at work and a powerful effect on performance and purpose. From greater productivity to improved physical health, office design in Kenya can either facilitate or obstruct achievement. There are plenty of interior design factors to keep in mind when designing an office, including lighting, color, plants, furniture, and art.

Importance of an effective office design in Kenya

Physical workspaces have a powerful impact on a wide range of factors including : 

  1. Enhances Productivity

    A good office design is not just about looks and aesthetics but it ensures ergonomics and an environment for employees to be productive. Level up or enhance your team’s productivity by improving their work environment and designing it best. Poorly designed offices or workspaces have a huge negative effect on work productivity.

  2. Increases Purpose

     This is an extremely powerful work motivator and you can encourage purpose through workspace design which shows employees that they are valued and their work is positively impacting lives.

  3. Creates an impression to clients

    The office or workplace design represents the company’s values. The appearance, location, and every piece of furniture speak volumes about the organization’s values, brand, beliefs, and business culture. Office design is therefore of utmost importance in creating a lasting impression on clients.


how to create an efficient office design in kenya


Keys to a good office design  in kenya

There is a wide range of approaches that you can take to improve the office design to make it more suitable for your employees, some of them are :

  1. Proper Lighting

    One of the crucial factors in creating an optimal office design is lighting. Knowing the kind of lighting to introduce into the space can make all the difference. Lighting affects many aspects of life from health to safety. Think about amplifying the effects of natural lighting using mirrors, curtains, and light/dark walls.

  2. Color

    The color of the surrounding can change moods and prompt different reactions from bodies. Natural colors like green and blue can improve focus while warmer colors can spur innovative thinking and intensity.

  3. Plants

    Having plants in the office is a surprisingly potent way to improve workspaces. Plants reduce stress, clean air and even help reduce noise levels. There are plenty of low-maintenance office plants that can get you started on the right foot

  4. Proper Ventilation

    You need to also ensure there is proper ventilation in the office. Open windows are a great way to keep the air inside fresh and odorless, this will keep allergies and infections from spreading among employees. If you are unable to ensure ventilation through the windows, provide a substitute for fresh air by keeping living plants in the office.

  5. Floor plan

    Management of the office space is essential to ensure operations in the office run smoothly. You, therefore, need to have an efficient floor plan where the office equipment is kept within easy reach of the employees.

keys to a good office design in kenya


Today’s offices are defined by their adaptability and The importance of office design in kenya lies in providing comfort and purpose to the employees. When employees belong at a firm, they work towards the company’s goals as if they were their personal goals.


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