The Complete Guide To Bathroom Styles in Kenya

A bathroom is more than just a washroom, rather it is a place of renewal and refreshment. It is a place to relax and reinvigorate oneself, where you are able to take hot bubble baths, and soothing hot showers and cleanse yourself from dirt. Bathrooms are supremely important and should be tastefully decorated in materials, colors textures, and ornaments reflective of individual personalities and bring forth happy feelings. Whether it is a sleek modern style you like or rustic farmhouse details there is a bathroom decor style suitable for your needs and preferences. In this quick guide to bathroom styles in Kenya, we will discuss the common styles.

One of the best ways to break the monotony in your bathroom is to combine styles. You can choose to mix different bathroom styles to create a very welcoming and beautiful design. It is important to note that some styles work while others do not.


modern and traditional bathroom in kenya

Popular bathroom styles in Kenya

  1. Modern bathroom style

    A modern bathroom style focuses on sleek design features and beautiful modern fixtures, it incorporates neutral tones with minimalistic high-quality fixtures. colors such as white, black, and grey help to accentuate the beautiful fixtures in the design. One of the main focuses of this bathroom style is efficiency and high-quality fixtures are the best for this design.

  2. Traditional bathroom style

    This is a great design that can fit any home, this style goes back to the basics in terms of color mix and fixtures. Classic ceramic fixtures and chrome accessories are perfect for this design, it can incorporate a number of different tones making it versatile in terms of personalizing.

  3. Industrial bathroom style

    This is one of the most popular bathroom styles in Kenya whereby it focuses on city-like themes and materials. One of the key features of this style is exposed pipes and plumbing and materials like brick and concrete used on walls for an industrial feel. Neutral tones work best for this particular design.

  4. Farmhouse bathroom style

    This bathroom style revolves around the elements of a classic farmhouse atmosphere. It involves the use of  natural tones like blue, brown, white, and beige, beautiful fixtures, and common farmhouse materials for example a wooden bathroom vanity with a set of ceramic or stone bathroom accessories.

  5. Vintage bathroom style

    This bathroom style includes antique furniture and older themes to create a traditional bathroom design atmosphere and feel. It promotes the inclusion of antique pieces of furniture like a dresser vanity with brass hardware,it focuses on brass and copper finishes for a vintage feel and uses natural tones like dark brown, white, and other similar colors.


industrial and vintage bathroom in kenya


Tips on How to choose a bathroom style in kenya

  • Personal preferences

    The bathroom style you decide to go for is greatly determined by your personal taste and preference. Get inspired by yourself and focus on styles you like in other aspects of your life  and use designing your bathroom as an opportunity to express a part of yourself that you love.

  • Set the tone with tiles

    The shower or bath tile takes up some solid space so it is a decision that needs to be well thought about. Textured tiles add interest while smooth ceramic tiles are easy to clean. select the tiles that will complement your bathroom style for example stone can give your bathroom a rustic feel, while glass gives it a modern look

  • Hardware accessories

    You will be surprised how much the right hardware can pull a style together, and dress up a plain vanity with unique hardware from antique stores. Choosing bathroom decor is easy when finishing your bathroom space because the possibilities are endless in every budget range. Select the decor that will complement your bathroom style.


bathroom hardware and accessories in kenya

Bottom line

Before you choose a bathroom style in Kenya, it is important to plan out the process and decide which design will be the most practical and fit best into your specific home design. The resale value of your home could depend on the design of your bathroom. A well-designed bathroom could boost the overall value of your home drastically.

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