The Complete Guide To Kitchen Hoods in Kenya

One of the most important features of a kitchen is a high-quality kitchen hood that will be almost unnoticeable. A kitchen hood is a device that is used to remove smoke and fumes from the cooking area .typically it is mounted within the kitchen but can be placed in other areas of the house. The kitchen hoods in Kenya consists of a fan and an extractor, the fan draws air from the outside and sucks it into the extractor. The extractor then filters out any remaining particles of smoke or odor before releasing clean air back into the room. Its main purpose is to help maintain the air quality and cleanliness of the kitchen.

wall mounted kitchen hood in kenya

Types of kitchen hoods in Kenya

  1. Wall-mounted kitchen hoods

    Just like the name suggests, this type of kitchen hood can be mounted against the wall and it is typically ducted, though it is possible to find ductless versions. These kitchen hoods are also known as chimney hoods because their overall design and ventilation system is similar to that of a  chimney. It can be installed over a cooking surface so long as the kitchen cabinetry does not present a problem.

  2. Under cabinet kitchen hoods

    This type of kitchen hood comes in both ducted and ductless systems and is installed underneath the existing cabinetry. These hoods are generally smaller and lighter in weight than full-size hoods and are a great choice for homes where preserving cabinetry space is a priority.

  3. Island kitchen hoods

These hoods are installed on the ceiling and hang directly over the cooking surface, the ductwork is run through the ceiling and often features higher rates of airflow since it needs to capture all the air rising and spreading from the island into the room. These hoods are available in many different designs and styles although they are more expensive and difficult to install than the other types of kitchen hoods in Kenya. To install this kitchen hood your ceiling must be high enough to provide proper clearance and when done right it becomes a stylish centerpiece in your home.


under cabinet kitchen hood in kenya

Choosing the best kitchen hood in Kenya

It is vital to make the best choice when selecting a kitchen hood, below are factors to consider when making that decision.

  • Kitchen Layout

    You need to consider the kitchen layout and size in order to determine the best kitchen hood for your kitchen. Some layouts will require a certain type of kitchen hood so it’s important to know what categories yours falls into. If you have open space above your cooker, a wall-mounted hood will be the best but if you have cabinetry. choose the undercabinet hood. kitchen islands will only be compatible with island hoods.

  • Kitchen size

    you may be limited to the type of kitchen hood to purchase depending on the kitchen size. a wall-mounted kitchen hood might be difficult to install in a small kitchen while an undercabinet hood will not make sense if you have a huge kitchen in need of plenty of ventilation.

  • Ducted vs ductless

    In a  ducted kitchen hood, the air is processed by vents outside via a duct system while in a ductless hood, the system will vent air back into the kitchen after filtration. some kitchen hoods are compatible with both the duct and ductless system while others are only available in one style. although a ducted system offers a more efficient and powerful alternative, the decision will be based entirely on compatibility with the kitchen and its needs.


island kitchen hood in kenya

Final words 

The importance of proper ventilation in the kitchen can not be understated, it helps maintain a healthy and safe environment to prevent any possible contamination. When buying a kitchen hood in Kenya you should consider your needs to help you know what features are important and those which are not. The best kitchen hoods in Kenya can be found in stores and online.

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