The Definitive Color Guide For Office Painting in Kenya

It is more complicated to choose paint colors for commercial interior spaces compared to choosing paint colors for your home interior because regardless of what color you prefer, it is not the best office painting in Kenya. Choosing the right color for your office space can make all the difference. Colors have an impact on mood, as well as boosting productivity. Colors in an office can also have a negative impact as well. The colors that work and don’t work will be affected by the amount of natural light entering the office, the layout, and the size of the office. To have a productive office, it is helpful to have a color that can bring instant connection with work and productivity. 


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Consider accent walls and neutral wall colors.The decision-making process on which color to have painted in your office in kenya can be complex and in this article, we have compiled some tips on making the process easier and how strategically choosing the best paint colors can boost productivity.


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How to choose the right office painting  color in Kenya

Below are some Factors to consider when choosing colors for your office paint in Kenya

  1. Size of the office

    It is important to consider the dimensions of the office space while making color selections. Brighter hues provide the illusion of more space, so they are good colors for spaces limited in square footage, while it is easier to feel cozy in a large room when the walls are painted in a deeper shade. The right paint colors can also help in controlling the layout and visually partitioning large rooms since the color is a tool for creating visually distinct zones.

  2. Amount of natural light

    The amount of light determines what color paint will be suitable for your office in Kenya. If the office receives little natural light you may need to paint it with lighter tones. On the other hand, if the office space gets plenty of natural light, you should consider using darker tones.

  3. Company branding

      When painting an office space in Kenya you should also think about choosing the color schemes according to your brand colors. To instill pride in the brand message in your workers, it is important to make sure that the branding is consistently reinforced inside the office.

  4. Color psychology

    Colors in our surroundings can powerfully affect us, trigger various feelings, and set a tone for a place of business, hence why it is important to consider color psychology when choosing colors for your office paint. For example, it is known that neutral colors like hues of blue and grey communicate neutrality and a good choice for establishing brand loyalty, while bright tones of yellow and red create an energetic atmosphere.

  5. The purpose

    When choosing a paint color for your office you need to carefully analyze the purpose you want to achieve as it can influence how the space functions. Light paint colors improve visibility, so if you want the space to be bright, consider a light color.

  6. Hiring a professional

    Last but not least, when choosing office paint it is best to work with a professional. When you hire a painting contractor, they can guide you through the color selection process and tell you more about what will work best and what won’t work.


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When deciding on what colors to use to paint an office in Kenya, it is crucial to think about the effect they’ll have on employees and strike a balance between those that stimulate and relax office workers. Depending on the nature of your business, you should be careful with the color combinations you pick. 

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