A Basic Guide To Rain Gutter Systems in Kenya

Rain gutter systems for your home are designed to catch rain from the roof of the home and any overhanging objects like trees, then redirect the flow through a series of interconnected channels leading the water down and away from the home. This process is aimed at preventing rain from pouring over the edges of the home. Rain gutter systems in Kenya are horizontal metal or aluminum tubes running along the edges of your roof and are attached to matching down spots, and allow rainwater to drain in a safe location where it is less likely to run back towards the foundation.

rain gutter systems in kenya

Importance of Rain Gutter Systems in Kenya

  1. To protect the roof

    The absence of a rain gutter system can result in significant damage to your roof. After heavy rainfall. The excess water accumulated will have a negative effect on the roof over a long time and the solution to this is to install a proper rain gutter system that ensures the water runs off the roof smoothly without causing damage.

  2. To preserve the foundation

    Rain gutters drain water away from the house to a designated area, therefore, protecting the foundation from damage caused by the accumulation of rainwater along the foundation and weakening it.

  3. To prevent water stains on the wall

    The walls of your house are most likely to get strains from water falling from your roof after rainfall. A proper gutter system will help protect your walls from this and drive excess water away from your walls.

  4. Prevents soil erosion

     Installing rain gutters prevents soil erosion since they drain water into the underground drainage system. Soil erosion due to water accumulation damages grass and plants costing you extra in repairs and landscaping.


aluminum gutters in kenya


Materials used in rain gutter systems in Kenya

There is a range of different materials used for rain gutter systems in Kenya and they include:


  1. Aluminum gutter systems

    This is the most common type of gutter is incredibly lightweight and easy to install. In addition to that, when you choose aluminum gutters you won’t have to worry about corrosion affecting the appearance of the gutters and you can easily match the gutters to the external color scheme. These aluminum gutters also cost a lot less than other alternatives hence why they are popular.

  2. Copper gutter systems

    Copper gutters are more expensive than their aluminum counterparts and do not last much longer. Copper guttering is made of copper sheets, which may be coated with zinc or acrylic. This system however should not be used for roofs covered with steel sheets because the flowing water may lead to the corrosion of copper gutters.

  3. Galvanized steel gutter systems

    These gutters are simply made of steel that has been covered with a zinc layer to protect the steel. While these gutters are strong, they also rust and become damaged meaning homeowners opting for them should be willing to do regular repairs. It is imperative that only professionals install galvanized steel gutters .once installed, they should be regularly cleaned to remove any clogs forming and keep away any rust.

  4. Vinyl gutter systems

    Compared to aluminum gutters, vinyl gutters are much less expensive .they are made of strong plastic that protects them from being dented or bent and will never corrode. since they are lightweight, they are easy to cut and install.

  5. PVC gutter systems

    Rain gutter systems made of plastics are covered with acrylic or are stabilized with UV rays. These coatings are used to increase the resistance of PVC to weather conditions, mainly due to the harmful effects of sunlight. The individual components of PVC gutter systems are lightweight, characterized by high thermal expansion, do not require maintenance, and are resistant to rays.

Popular rain gutter brands in Kenya

  1. Roofs Kenya

    This brand offers a variety of gutter solutions including PVC and aluminum gutters, as well as downpipes and accessories.

  2. Space and style

    This is a leading brand offering a range of rain gutter solutions including aluminum and steel gutters.

  3. Safal Mitek

    This is a popular brand in Kenya that offers a range of rain gutter solutions like aluminum rain gutters, downpipes, and accessories.

The average prices of rain gutter systems in Kenya

The price of rain gutters in Kenya varies depending on the material, size, and brand. But the approximate prices are :

  1.  Aluminum rain gutters cost between Ksh 800 to 1200 per meter.
  2. Seamless gutters can cost between Ksh 1800 to 2500 per meter.
  3. PVC rain gutters cost between Ksh 350 to 500 per meter.
  4. Steel rain gutters cost between Ksh 1200 to 1800 per meter.


pvc and vinyl gutters in kenya


Wrap up 

Having the right type of rain gutter system in Kenya is the difference between success and structural damage. Aluminum gutters are more durable than vinyl but are easily dented, consider your local weather conditions to determine the best types of rain gutters in your home.


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