The top 5 interior design companies in Kenya

Interior design goes beyond collecting different pieces of furniture and putting them together in a room. Modern interior design has definitely changed this mindset! This critical step in assembling a gorgeous home is about creating the most efficient layout to make the most of a room’s potential. The interior design companies in Kenya must have good taste and creativity to select the right combination of colours, materials, furniture and decorations that will not only produce a beautiful layout but will manage constraints and ensure that the space is functional.

In today’s read, we will look into what an interior designer does, the principles of interior design, the benefits of hiring an interior designer and the top five interior design companies in Kenya. 

What does an interior designer do?

They understand people’s behaviours and create optimal functionality of interior spaces, including the shape of a room’s walls, floors etc. 

The work process of interior design companies in Kenya

They are usually hired by the architect and use their basic design to lay out walls and basic floor plans. Interior design companies in Nairobi and elsewhere have to be mindful of the local building codes, fire safety, accessibility, efficiency, functionality and sound transmissions & acoustics. They also meet with the building representatives to get an understanding of how the space will be used. Furthermore, after they have developed something out of the architect’s design, they will present it to the building representatives. 

Principles of interior design 

In the home or office decor business in Kenya, the experts are required to have a firm grasp of the basic principles that govern modern interior design. They are as follows;  

1. Balance

Interior Design Companies in Kenya


It is about equalizing or approximating the visual weight of objects. This creates a feeling of equilibrium. Balance is created not just through shape but colour, pattern and texture. This can be struck through symmetrical, asymmetrical or radial balance. 

2. Rhythm

Interior Design Companies in NairobiThe human brain is drawn to repetition and recognizes similar objects quickly which is what rhythm is all about. You would like to hire an interior design company that will bring out the visual interests around the room. One can create rhythm by using the same colour or pattern at different intervals. For example, painting a wall green and using the same colour on the dining chair cushions. 

3. Harmony

Home decor business in Kenya

This includes having similar colours, patterns or textures, and equal spacing of objects or elements to create a visual continuation. Simply put, when elements are carefully curated, one feels that they come together nicely. Your interior designer should create harmony by using one colour scheme for the variety of shapes and textures in a space. 

4. Emphasis

Modern interior design in kenya

This stresses that every room needs one central element as a focal point, and the other items should complement the emphasis such that the focus is always on it. The emphasis can be a large piece of furniture like a grand piano or an art piece like a painting

5. Proportion & scale

This principle is all about the ratio. The size and dimension of the objects in a room should relate to one another proportionally so that they don’t look out of place. For instance, one should not hang a huge chandelier in a shoebox apartment, while a space with a high ceiling should have larger furniture than bean bags.

Benefits of hiring interior design companies in Kenya 

Many of us are either spending a lot more time at home or at the office. If you’ve found yourself feeling the urge to renovate or redesign your space, you’re in the right place. But before you start putting together a vision board, you should consider speaking to an interior designer who can help bring your dream to life. 

From design ideas to time- and money-saving tips, an interior designer can alleviate much of the stress associated with renovations. 

1. Save Money

Embarking on a new project can be an exhilarating adventure. Knowing how to create the right colour scheme or select furniture that will fit your space can be challenging and costly if not done well. An interior design expert is so much more than a decorator. Designers ensure you get the best value for the home improvement pennies you spend and will help you understand where the money is going. 

2. Pinpoint your design style

Thanks to websites like Pinterest, interior design inspiration is only a click away. But with access to so many design options and styles, owners are often left feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused. By asking the right questions, an experienced interior designer in Kenya can help owners define their design style and incorporate it into the plan. Look for an interior design company in Kenya that can present you with a creative vision and a well-thought-out interior design process that includes options to fit your lifestyle and personality.

3. Increase of value 

Not only can interior designers take an idea or a homeowner’s vision and transform it into reality, but their designs and decisions for your space can also lead to increased value. By working with an interior designer, you will learn what aspects of the design can impact property value more than others. Think of the designer as your guide to the materials and finishes that will both stand the test of time and appeal to a variety of guests or clients.

4. Enjoy the process without the headache

Interior designers are skilled at creating beautiful spaces, and they possess a trained sense of what needs to be done when it comes to the interior design process. Designers oversee the complicated day-to-day operations of ordering items, keeping track of the budget, and directing vendors. Plus, they will be able to anticipate any obstacles that may come up, offering distinct design solutions

5. Access to trusted professionals

Finding a reliable electrician or painter for a home or office renovation is a task nobody looks forward to tackling. From reading reviews online to collecting bids, locating a trusted professional is time-consuming.

When you hire an interior designer, you will have access to a network of home improvement vendors that the designer works alongside. Designers also have access to trade-only furniture, fabric, and accessories, and can incorporate these exclusive items into your design.

Top 5 interior design companies in Kenya

You would like your new space to look inviting, peaceful and perfect right from the ground up! Here are different interior design companies that can lend a helping hand;

1. El Interior Designers

They take pride in their international award-winning interior design award and offer state-of-the-art office interior design services, residential interior design, 3D design and space planning. Don’t miss out on using their services, call them today on 0717 498 981 or 0735 459 139. 

2. Fine Urban Construction and Interiors Ltd

They are one the best interior design companies in Kenya that  provide luxurious high-end services in furniture design and interior decorating services. Contact them via 0719 222 228 or 0703770055.

3. Prime House Interiors

They are a professional interior design company that offers quality, customised commercial and residential interior design services at affordable rates. The company provides stunning and excellent space planning, designing and project management for residential and commercial units. 

Feel free to send them an email at  [email protected] or ring them at 0721 502 251 and 0777 502 252 respectively.  

4. Noble Blue Limited

The fourth on your list is a reputable interior design and consultancy firm offering design and consultancy services for both residential and commercial settings. Give them a call soon via the contacts: 0703 207 646, 020 221 3326

5. Elway Group

They are an interior design, fit-out and refurbishment company with over 7 years of experience, delivering cutting-edge interior design transformations. Don’t miss out on contacting them through;  0727 368 922, 0789 302 279 or shoot them an email via  [email protected]

Bottom line 

When you walk into a room or any space and it renders you speechless by how beautiful it looks; that is probably the work of an interior designer. You won’t fail to notice the design details governed by the principles mentioned. 

Be sure to hire professional interior design companies in Kenya who would not disappoint!


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