Ways of Maximizing Natural Light in Kenya

Lighting can make or break a home, focus on natural lighting to spice up your home decor. Lack of proper natural lighting can make a larger space feel smaller. There are way too many positive aspects of natural lighting to overlook, the benefits that appropriate amounts of natural light bring are undisputed. The best of it all is that maximizing natural light in Kenya will not come due at the end of the month with the power bill, it’s absolutely free.

 Benefits of natural lighting in your residential home in Kenya.

  • Increased sustainability

    Anything that goes beyond reducing the burning of fossils to produce electricity is sustainable and of benefit to the environment. Sustainability is therefore a magnificent benefit provided by natural light.

  • Natural light is healthy

     Sunlight is recognized as a natural disinfectant, therefore, it will reduce the development of harmful bacteria and organisms that grow in the house. Natural light also provides plenty of health benefits for example increased vitamin B and D and boosts the immune system.

  • Economical benefits

    With the increased use of natural light in your home you will definitely see reductions in utility bills because you rarely need to use artificial light or electricity, therefore, saving energy.

  • Improved psychological benefits

    Natural sunlight can turn a dull day into a day full of optimism by creating an energetic environment that is productive when quite the opposite seems to happen.


skylights in a ceiling in kenya

Ways to increase the natural lighting in your residential home in Kenya

  • Use brighter, lighter paints for the interior walls and ceiling

    Interior wall color is the number one way to reflect natural light back into the room, painting walls white or any other light color seems to be the easiest way.

  • Use a higher gloss paint for the walls 

    Using a glossier paint for your wall gives them a mirror-like effect and mirrors reflect light. The higher the gloss level in your interior paint the more light reflection you get indoors.

  • Install skylights in your ceiling

    An amazingly effective way of pulling natural light into the room is by installing skylights or sun tubes in the ceiling. They bring in more consistent light than windows because they are less likely to be overshadowed by objects and they face directly upwards to the sun. If you don’t have enough space for the skylights you might consider having sun tubes installed instead

  • Use an open floor plan

    Open spaces tend to allow more natural light into the room because there are no partitioning walls that tend to block the light from reaching the house or room.

  • Keep low-height furniture

     High furniture and decor pieces tend to block light from the windows from flowing improve natural light circulation keep the furniture pieces in your home low height, this will amplify the amount of light flowing in.

  • Use mirrors

     Putting a mirror, decorative or not across a  window can double the amount of light that enters the room. Mirrors and shiny objects reflect light back into the room so items like metallic light fixtures, decorative mirrors, and other reflective surfaces are recommended.

  • Install larger windows and doors

    To increase the amount of natural illumination in residential homes in kenya it is recommended to install large windows that have more exposed glass and minimal framework, choose bay or picture windows for the greatest impact.


large bay and picture windows in kenya


Critical to making a home feel bright and cheery is natural light. The small ways outlined in this guide will increase the natural light flow into your residential house in Kenya. Depending on the specific budget and requirements there will be options to make these significant improvements.

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