Corrugated Iron Sheet Prices in Kenya

corrugated iron sheet prices in kenya

When constructing or moving into a new home, you have to pay attention to one key factor of your new home, the roofWhen mounted correctly, it helps prevent leaks and potential damages to prolong your roof’s lifespan. Other than the visual value they add, they are installed for a reason. Today, we focus on the most durable kind of roofing. We will look at 4 corrugated iron sheet prices in Kenya, the 5 benefits of using corrugated iron sheets, and their prices. Let’s dive right in!

4 Types of corrugated iron sheets in Kenya

4 types of corrugated iron sheets

This type of roofing sheet has repetitive folds. The corrugation that it forms intensifies the roof’s virtue. This option is for people looking for environmental-friendly materials. This is widely used for various purposes due to its proven. It is ideal for garages, sheds, carports, porches, etc. Narrow down your choices under these categories by choosing which material and finish you would like to go for.

Galvanised steel sheets 

Galvanized iron sheets are corrugated steel sheets that have been coated with zinc. The great thing with these iron sheets is that they provide a strong zinc coating that acts as a barrier, preventing moisture and oxygen from reaching the steel and causing rust. The roofing sheets can either be used bare or painted. 

Polyester-painted roofing sheets 

Corrugated polyester pointed roofing sheets are often utilized in agricultural structures because of their medium-length life span. However, even though it is a more affordable option, it requires regular maintenance every five to ten years after installation. 

PVC plastisol

This is another durable corrugated sheet that you can use for your house. The steel sheet is treated with primer paint and PVC rolled on top. These coating materials allow the roof to last up to 30 years as it is weather-resistant and lightweight!


These are corrugated iron sheets layered with bitumen, and the most common is a bituminous waterproofing film. Therefore, corrugated iron sheets made from bitumen are waterproof, meaning they are long-lasting and highly durable.

5 Benefits of using corrugated iron sheets in Kenya 

benefits of using corrugated iron sheets in kenya

Here are some pointers that will show you why corrugated iron sheets are important as a roofing solution for your home. 

1. Corrugations Make Roofing Sheets Stronger

One of the biggest advantages corrugated sheets have over flat sheets is the extra strength the corrugations give them. Adding rigidity along the entire length of the corrugations and strength in bending, the sheets are prevented from sagging. Ensuring that there are regular supports on your roof to support the sheets will ensure that your roof remains strong and rigid.

2. Drain Water More Effectively Than Flat Sheets

The corrugations allow for quick and easy drainage of rainfall straight off the roof. This method is quite effective. Bitumen roofing sheets specifically must always be fitted at a roof pitch of at least 5 degrees (and anything up to 90 degrees) to allow for easy drainage.

3. Allow for Expansion and Contraction

Most roofing sheets will expand or retract with changes in temperature, this is completely normal and will happen on a day-to-day and seasonal basis. The corrugations have space for the movement to happen and so the material is not damaged in any way during the process and will remain leak free.

4. They Stop Rainwater from Seeping Through

Because Corrugated Sheets are fitted with holes drilled through the crown of the corrugations there is less chance of rainwater seeping through the roof.

5. They Look Better Than Plain Sheets

Many people prefer the aesthetics of a corrugated sheet which can look much more elegant and more expensive than a flat roof (even if it isn’t). They also come in a choice of colours including red, green, brown or black and so are perfect if you want to match your roofing colour to that of another building or make the roof blend into the landscape.

Corrugated iron sheet prices 

corrugated iron sheets prices in kenya

A 2-metre corrugated gauge 28 from the Royal Mabati factory costs Ksh.660. A lower figure indicates a thick sheet, while a high number indicates a thinner gauge. And of course, you would expect corrugated iron sheet prices in Kenya to reduce if you buy a thin gauge. How much do corrugated iron sheets cost in other Kenyan companies?

Mabati rolling mills 

Here, they have them painted and unpainted, with a gauge of 30 and 32. The unpainted sheets come in Dumuzas 30G for kes 425 and Dumuzas 32G for kes 350. The remainder comes in different painted colours with an exclusive gauge of 30Gonly for kes620 per metre. 

Rafiki roofing mabati

They classify them as corrugated 11/3 and 14/3. The first comes in lengths of 2.1m,2.4m and 3.0m with a gauge of 30G only. The price per metre of coloured is ksh.525 and the price per metre of C.G.I( Corrugated Galvanised Iron) at ksh 560. The latter comes in the same lengths but with different gauges of 26 and 28. The price point is ksh 885 per metre. 

Super Mabati

They sell plain aluzinc corrugated iron sheets with a gauge of 30 at kes 250 per meter and coloured, a gauge of 28 at kes 350 per metre. Super mabati stands to be the cheapest option. 

Imarisha mabati

Their new and improved corrugated steel roofing sheet comes with an aluminium coating that protects the steel from rust or fades away with time and is not vulnerable to termites and other burrowing insects. They are only available in coloured and are priced at 28 and 30 gauges at a price of kes 640 per square metre. 

To conclude 

So, these are the corrugated iron sheet prices in Kenya from the most trusted roofing suppliers in the country. Plus, if you are looking for a more environmentally friendly roofing solution, corrugated iron sheets have you covered.

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