Top 5 residential fittings & fixtures companies in Kenya

Your home is your castle, and you want it to look its best. Whether you’re remodelling or just updating a few things, new residential fittings and fixtures can make a big difference. That is why you need to put your heart’s desires into trusted residential fittings and fixtures companies in Kenya. 

Today, we will look into the difference between fittings and fixtures, the most popular options to consider, and what to keep in mind when choosing fittings and fixtures. Most importantly, the top 5 residential fittings and fixture companies in Kenya that can make your dream a reality. 

How they differ

Essentially, fixtures are items in a property that are attached to the building; or ‘fixed.’ Whereas fittings are items that aren’t attached to the property, unless by a screw or nail. Both buyers and sellers would be right to assume that fixtures will be included with a property sale as these are ‘fixed’. Fittings, however, generally would not be included, as these would be items owned by the seller who would take them to their next property.

List of fixtures and fittings  

list of fixtures and fittings in kenya

To give you a better understanding of what these are, here is a list of some examples that are in your home or that you should consider having in your soon-to-be home;


The bathroom fixtures include; a bath, toilet, sink, and shower, taps and fitted furniture. Additionally, the fittings include; a toilet seat, shower curtains, toilet roll holder, soap dispenser and detachable shelves. 


What constitutes fixtures are cupboards, built-in wardrobes, fireplaces and carpets. For fittings, there are free-standing furniture, beds, sofas, curtains, paintings and blinds. 


With the lighting, some examples are; built-in lighting, recessed lights and veranda(porch) lights. For the fittings; there are table lampshades, night lights and floor lamps. You should also consider the residential led lighting fixtures to put on your veranda. They add a pleasing touch!


Curtain rails and curtains are examples of window fittings. Window sills and windows serve as good examples of fixtures.  When building or renovating you would want to install window fixtures that will complement the aesthetic of the curtain rails and the curtains.


The door, door knocker and doorbell are a must for fixtures in some households. Others skip the door knocker and stick to the bell only. For fittings, a household can have door accessories such as door stops and door mats.


For fixtures, these could be electric sockets and light switches. Fittings fit in with the refrigerator, washing machines, 


For the favourite part of the house, for most people, we have kitchen units and ovens as fixtures. Ornaments, stand-alone fridges, freezers, chairs and tables, just to name a few. 

3 things to keep in mind when choosing fittings and fixtures for your home

things to keep in mind when choosing fittings and fixtures in kenya

Know your theme and stick to it

If your project follows a Queenslander house or any other specific house style follow that style with your tapware, cabinetry, floor, colours and lighting for consistency. Remember, when in doubt, call a specialist, they will gladly help you. 

What’s your budget?

The price for residential fixtures and fittings varies significantly in Kenya and can easily blow out your home improvement budget if not managed well. There are smart choices you can make without compromising on the overall look you are trying to achieve. A trusty relationship with a good residential fittings and fixtures company in Kenya would go a long way!

Complementary, cohesive and contrasting 

There is usually some form of connection between each room in a home, whether that be a colour or material, everything should work seamlessly with each other to create a harmonious feel. Whichever part of the house you are renovating or working on, you can always play around with contrasting styles to elevate the look! 

Top 5 residential fittings and fixtures companies in Kenya 

Now that you have a firm grasp of what fittings and fixtures are; here at the top residential fittings and fixtures companies to look out for.

Nyumbani Fittings

The company strives to give unmatched customer experience in the journey of a builder by offering good quality products at affordable prices. 

Give them a call today at 0777 783849. 

Lighting Solutions 

Need quick and accurate lighting and electrical services? They are the people for you! They maximise the potential of light we maximize the potential of light to transform working, living and social spaces from ordinary to extraordinary environments. Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over ksh.3,000. Be sure to contact them via 0729110190.  

Elegant fittings 

They are committed to developing world-class stone solutions, that combine the pinnacle of performance and design to deliver something truly extraordinary. With a variety of colours, styles and textures, combined with outstanding durability, their global brands open a world of design for your home. Ring their line at 0745969500.

Pristine Interiors 

Pristine Interiors Store has all the bathroom accessories you could ever need to complete the look you desire. They have a wide variety of bathroom shelves, towel rails, toilet brush holders and soap dishes in different colours, shapes and styles to perfectly compliment your bathroom.

Call them through; 0705655305.

Good Fundi

Get beautifully crafted and stylish up-to-date home accessories to give you a touch of class and an unequalled look today! They are proud to be the name that property owners have trusted for their home improvement and repair, providing virtually any residential or commercial handyman and maintenance service.

Give them a call today at 0721 326 948.

To conclude 

It is important to understand the difference between fittings and fixtures, from definition to exact examples. This will help you have fruitful discussions with the select residential fittings and fixtures companies in Kenya above. 


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