How To Know If you Require a Roof Repair in Kenya

A roof repair refers to the reconstruction or renewal of any parts of an existing roof for the purpose of maintenance. It is difficult to detect the roofing damage and understand what repairs need to be done especially if you are not a roofing professional. the damage on your roof can sometimes be invisible until the problem has gotten out of control. that is why it is necessary to conduct regular roof repair in Kenya in order to detect these problems early enough and perform simple repairs before it is too late and you need a full roof replacement.

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Signs that your residence needs a roof repair in kenya

  1. Roof leak

    Many roofing leaks are simple repairs that are easy to identify and fix, roofing leaks can be caused by damaged flashing, missing roof tiles, or buildup in the gutters. these issues can be quickly fixed by a professional roofer. however if large parts of your roof are damaged, then you might need a roof replacement. a roof leak could also be a result of your roofing material getting older and exposure to extreme weather conditions.

  2. Clogging gutter

    Drainage issues like clogged gutters can cause significant damage to your roof, the water or debris build up in the gutters can get under the roof coating and damage the surface and underlying materials. Therefore you will have to complete roofing repairs if the gutters are clogged and have caused damage to the roof.

  3. Sagging roof

    A sagging and uneven roof deck is an indication that there is water damage or rot on your roof. it is another signal that your roof needs repairs which should be done sooner before the damage spreads causing you to replace the entire roof.

  4. Roof damage 

    Catching roof damage early prevents the problem of requiring to get a roof replacement. A collapsed roof or fallen tree will cause significant damage to your roof, other signs of damage include, rotting wood, loose granules, and missing or broken tiles.

  5. Signs of moisture

    The sooner you identify the signs of moisture, the easier it is to repair your roof, peeling, cracking, and bubbling of the paint on the ceiling, discoloration, and water spots on the walls are all signs of moisture caused by a leaky or damaged roof. Mold and mildew are also signs of moisture that signal the roof needs repair.


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Deciding between roof replacement and repair in kenya.

The decision to replace or repair your roof ultimately depends on several factors including:

  1. Age of the roof

    The lifespan of your roof depends on the material used. If the material is near the end of its lifespan and gets damaged, it is worth doing a full roof replacement.

  2. Presence of water damage

    Patching holes will not do any good if the water has already seeped into the underside of the roof, a full roof replacement is the better option.

  3. The extent of the damage

    It is more sensible to do a full roof replacement instead of a repair if the damage to the roof is more than 30%

  4. How long to intend to live there

    If you live in your home permanently or plan on staying there for several more years it is recommended to replace the roof if you have extensive damage, however, repairs may be better if you intend to move.


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Roofs inevitably need repair or replacement. Depending on the severity of the issue, a roof can be repaired instead of being replaced. contact a local roofing contractor for an inspection in order to determine the best solution for your roof. It is essential to do replacement or roof repairs in Kenya on time before too much damage has been done.


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