A Quick Guide To Types of Stairs in Kenya

Stairs are a structure designed to bridge a large vertical distance between lower and higher levels of a building by dividing it into smaller vertical distances. Staircases are vital design elements in a multi-story building but can as well be a fascinating aesthetic addition. There are several  types of stairs in kenya and the type you choose for your home is a very important consideration as it provides a specific kind of visual appeal and takes up varying amounts of space

straight stairs in kenya

Types of stairs in Kenya

  1. Straight stairs

    This type of stair is the most basic type and it features a single linear flight with no change in direction. This stair is the easiest to construct depending on the level of detail in the design, they tend to be the easiest to ascend and descend and work well with minimalistic designed homes due to their inherent simplicity. This type of stair does not require landing if the overall vertical height is kept under 12 feet.

  2. L shaped stairs

    In this design the stairs make a 90 degrees turn at some point after landing, it is a variation of the straight stair with a bend in some portion of the stair. This stair is more visually appealing and provides a visual barrier between the floors for some privacy, it is believed to be safer than the straight stair as the landing gives one time to rest while ascending and reduces the number of treads one could fall. They are mostly located in the corner of a room. The construction of this stair requires more skill and planning than that of the straight stair.

  3. U-shaped stairs

    These are basically two parallel flights of straight stairs joined by a landing that creates a 128 degrees turn in the walk line, which offers a resting point up the stairs. these stairs offer architectural interest and can fit into any architectural plan but  are a bit more difficult to build than simpler stair types

  4. Winder stairs

    These stairs are a variation of the L-shaped stair but have pies-shaped triangular steps instead of a flat landing at the corner transition. Their main advantage is that they require less space than other types  and are more aesthetically pleasing, they seem to create  a seamless transition as they meander around corners  for this reason they are very popular in modern homes

  5. Spiral stairs

    These stairs follow a helical arch and usually have a very compact design and the treads radiate around a central pole. They are very attractive and  have many variations on railing styles which have a major impact on the overall appearance of the stair. The central pole and landing typically provide the structural support and they do not need many extra support structures making their installation easier than many other types of stairs, their main disadvantage is that they are more difficult to navigate and to carry large items up the stairs and only one person can ascend and descend at a time.

  6. Cantilever stairs

    These stairs are made to have the treads appear like they are floating in the air without support. The stair stringer will be attached to one end of the treads and can be hidden or exposed, these stairs add interest and spaciousness to any room, their main disadvantage is that they are more costly than a typical stair due to the additional structural requirements and the design of the structure needs to be taken into consideration to support cantilever stairs.


cantilever stairs in kenya


Wrap up

There are loads of choices when it comes to the types of stairs in Kenya, from basic straight types to custom architectural designs there is one to fit the style and requirements of your house . Determining which type of staircase is best will depend on the style and arrangement of your house and the space, some stairs take up more space than others.



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