A Quick Guide To Energy Efficiency in Kenya

In this age where climate change is one of the biggest problems we are facing, energy conservation is important. By conserving and using energy in an optimized way we can tackle most environmental problems. Energy efficiency means using less energy in a building to accomplish a similar or better task as those buildings that use energy inefficiently. It should be considered during the design stage, selection of materials, construction process, and operation of the building it can be categorized into two categories;1, using technology to reduce energy consumption such as installing energy-efficient appliances, or 2, making behavioral adjustments at home like turning off unused lights. There are so many reasons why we should consider using less energy in an optimized way, it could be environmental, economic, or personal benefits, either way, energy efficiency in Kenya is beneficial for all of us.

Energy efficient building in kenya | energy efficiency in Kenya

Importance of energy efficiency in Kenya

The primary sources of energy are fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. however, these fossil fuels are non-renewable resources that can be depleted eventually so we need to limit and keep our energy consumption low. The slower we burn these non-renewable resources the longer the time we have to find alternative energy solutions. Here are some of the benefits of energy efficiency:

  1. Reduce carbon footprint

    Energy efficiency helps to reduce carbon footprint. Homes are responsible for the emission of a huge percentage of greenhouse gases, your carbon emissions can be reduced by reducing energy consumption and using it efficiently. an average household can reduce its emissions by investing in energy-efficient appliances and systems.

  2. Reduce electricity power bills

    You can significantly reduce your electricity and power bills. Utility bills take a major portion of monthly expenses and can be reduced by using energy-efficient appliances. manufacturers now build energy-efficient appliances that consume less energy without affecting the quality, which is a great way to easily save up to 30% of utility bills.

  3. Increases the value of your property

    By employing energy-efficient techniques you can also increase the value of your property in case you consider a resale. Energy-efficient homes are sold at a higher price than ordinary homes because f reduced utility bills and repair costs.

  4. Enhance better quality of living

    You can increase the quality of your living in the home by optimizing your energy use .when you conduct energy efficient measures your home will be warmer, drier, and properly ventilated which lowers the risk of illnesses and mold growth. these measures also prevent the buildup of indoor pollutants.

  5. Return on investment

    Energy-efficient buildings tend to have an increased lifespan, therefore, providing a better return on investment. although they may be quite expensive at first, they often prove to be cost-effective in the long run, investing in energy-efficient appliances should not be considered as an expense but rather an investment that will give lots of benefits in the long run since these appliances consume less energy than the standard ones saving you utility bills.

  6. Insulation from rising electricity prices

    Electricity rates tend to fluctuate seasonally and annually, but recently the prices have drastically increased and the trend is likely to continue in the future. in addition to cutting down your monthly utility bills, practicing energy efficiency helps to insulate you from the financial impact of unpredictable drastic energy price increases.

Wrap up

Energy efficiency is the practice of using technology that relies on lower energy to perform tasks. It is important to practice energy efficiency in Kenya given the benefits guaranteed when you go the energy-efficient way. It can be a simple way to save mother earth for the next coming generations.


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